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Student Representatives & Organizations

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Student Representatives & Organizations

From student organizations, honor societies, and committees, we have a number of ways for students to get involved with both the program and the campuses at large. We hope you'll consider joining us as we work invest in social work education.


Social Work Student Association (SWSA) (linked to email) and

Faculty Sponsors: Dr. Ann Riley and Jennifer Dell

Graduate Co-President: Tracy Wilke

Undergraduate Co-President: Quenton Jackson

Graduate Vice-President: Dedrick Perkins

Secretary: Jennifer Paton

Treasurer: Sydney Hall

Social Media Chair: Em Mullendore

Graduate Student Senator: Salyna Jackson

UG Advisory Board: Destiny Hulsey

UG Advisory Board: Dustin Huckabee

AS Graduate Advisory Board: Frieda Freeman-Cooper

AS Graduate Advisory Board: Meranda Smallwood

PT Graduate Advisory Board: Amy Jones

Phi Alpha (linked to email)
Faculty Sponsors: Sue Durrett and Bonni Goodwin
President: Rebeca Hayes
Secretary and Treasurer: Ashley Mellor



Social Work Student Association (linked to email)

Faculty Sponsors: Tiffany Adamson and Rachel McBride

President: Daniel Howell

Vice President: Brittani Candioto

Secretary: Caitlin Hendrex

Treasurer: Sadie Simpson

OU Tulsa Student Government Reps

Jace Scott

Jenna Adair

Saralyn O’Donnell

Phi Alpha (linked to email)
Faculty Sponsor: Jon Kratz
President - Deanna Duvall 
Vice President - Kalyn Johnson 
Treasurer – Isabella Espiritu