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Student Representatives & Organizations

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Student Representatives & Organizations

From student organizations, honor societies, and committees, we have a number of ways for students to get involved with both the program and the campuses at large. We hope you'll consider joining us as we work invest in social work education.


Social Work Student Association (SWSA) (linked to email)

Faculty Sponsors: Charlotte Kendrick and Jennifer Dell

Graduate Co-President: Pa’Shence Young

Undergraduate Co-President: Cynthia Saminengo

Secretary: Evelin Alvarado

Treasurer: Sonrisa Nowicki

Social Media Co-Chairs: Karina Gonzalez and Emily Beech

Graduate Student Senators: Christina Schwartz and Jonathan Wales

Junior Representatives: Vanessa Hernandez and Carly Phillips

Senior Representatives: Yesenia Vicuna and Savannah Cocke

MSW Representatives: Michal Dodd, Sydney Prince and Chloe Lambeth



Social Work Student Association (linked to email)

Faculty Sponsor: Christie Tarpley

President: Brittani Candioto

Vice President: Jenna Adair

Secretary: Christianne Warlick

Treasurer: Alyssa Orcutt

OU Tulsa Student Government Reps

Jennifer Stowe

Carissa O’Dell

Cristian Zapata

Jessica Goodman

Online MSW

Social Work Student Association

Faculty Sponsor: Ann Riley

President: Daniel Baker

Co-Vice Presidents: Joseph Sandberg & Erin Gargan

Secretary: Jessica Wildman

Social Media Chair: Calla Weise.


Acacia Anthis & Laini Kim (Spring 2022)