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Social Justice

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Social Justice

The School stands in support of Oklahoma’s teachers & schools

The School of Social Work at the OU stands for social justice. The multiple acts of domestic terrorism in Charlottesville Virginia bring to light the types of bigotry and hatred social workers are committed to fight against. Our code of ethics directly calls for us to advocate for the dignity, worth, autonomy, and empowerment of all people. While we recognize a statement will not take the place of direct action, we want to be clear on where we stand as well as on our commitment to those we serve. First, we stand for and are committed to the inclusion and respect of all people regardless of race, ethnicity, gender expression, religion, or any other demographic or social factor. We believe multilayered diversity is a core strength of our community, we recognize our privilege, and we are committed to the inclusion and acceptance of all people. Second, we will openly stand on the front lines in opposition to any and all forms of bigotry, hatred, oppression, and violence directed toward any person, group, or community. We will not accept the marginalization of any member of our community, and we will not be silent as those around us dehumanize our neighbors. We are committed to standing against injustice and to actively collaborating to make our communities inclusive, respectful, and accepting of difference. As Dr. King said, “In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”
We will not be silent.

Many students have asked how they can facilitate change. Remember to remain focused and positive. Every day, you can take action in your community. You can educate yourself about oppression and racism and facilitate self-awareness. You can confront racism in your personal and work life. You can donate to organizations that do this work. Or, you can volunteer your time. You can ask yourself and others, what can I do to help? You can make a difference. We must.

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