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Lisa Funnell

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Dr. Lisa Funnell

Lisa Funnell

Co-Director, Center for Social Justice
Assistant Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies
Affiliate Faculty, Center for Social Justice
Affiliate Faculty, Film and Media Studies Program

Phone: (405) 325-8683

Dr. Lisa Funnell researches the performance and intersection of identities—specifically gender, race, sexuality, nationality, and ethnicity—in Hong Kong martial arts films, Hollywood blockbusters, and the James Bond franchise. She has published on a range of topics including Chinese warrior women, transnational stardom, the "Asianization" of Hollywood, transnational co-productions and cultural flows, gender and feminism in James Bond, and popular geopolitics in spy thrillers.

She is the author of Geographies, Genders, and Geopolitics of James Bond (Palgrave Macmillan 2017) with Klaus Dodds. She is also the author of Warrior Women: Gender, Race, and the Transnational Chinese Action Star (SUNY Press, 2014). In 2015, her book Warrior Women won the Emily Toth Award for Best Single Work in Women's Studies from the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association (PCA/ACA) and the Bronze Medal in the Women's Issues Category from the Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY). She is the editor of For His Eyes Only: The Women of James Bond (Wallflower, 2015), American and Chinese-Language Cinemas: Examining Cultural Flows (Routledge, 2015) with Man-fun Yip, and Transnational Asian Identities in Pan-Pacific Cinemas: The Reel Asian Exchange (Routledge, 2012) with Philippa Gates. She is currently writing a new book with Klaus Dodds on Thriller Geopolitics: Filming the National Security State in the Post-Watergate Era.

Courses Taught

  • WGS 2713: Women in Popular Culture
  • WGS 3213: Social Justice and Social Change
  • WGS 3353: Race, Class, Gender
  • WGS 3413: Body Image vs. Reality
  • WGS 3703: Female Heroism in Hollywood
  • WGS 3713: Gender and James Bond



Edited Volumes

Special Journal Issues


  • Funnell, Lisa. "Reworking the Bond Girl Concept in the Craig Era Films." Journal of Popular Film and Television(forthcoming March 2018).
  • Dodds, Klaus and Lisa Funnell. "From Casino Royale to Spectre: Daniel Craig's James Bond." Journal of Popular Film and Television (forthcoming March 2018).
  • Funnell, Lisa and Klaus Dodds. “‘You’re a Kite Dancing in a Hurricane, Mr. Bond’: The Elemental Encounters of James Bond.” International Journal of James Bond Studies 1.1 (2017): 1-21.
  • Funnell, Lisa and Yuya Kiuchi. "Introduction: Asian Popular Culture." Journal of Popular Culture 49.5 (2016): 963-966. 
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  • Funnell, Lisa and Klaus Dodds. “The Man with the Midas Touch: The Haptic Geographies of James Bond’s Body.” Journal of Popular Film and Television 43.3 (2015): 121-135.
  • Funnell, Lisa. “The Repatriation of Overseas Chinese Stars in Post-1997 Hong Kong Cinema: Daniel Wu – A Case Study.” Transnational Cinemas 2.2 (2012): 163-178. 
  • Funnell, Lisa. “‘I Know Where You Keep Your Gun:’ Daniel Craig as the Bond-Bond Girl Hybrid in Casino Royale.” Journal of Popular Culture 44.3 (2011): 455-472.
  • Funnell, Lisa. “Assimilating Hong Kong Style for the Hollywood Action Woman.” Quarterly Review of Film and Video 28.1 (2011): 66-79.

Book Chapters

  • Dodds, Klaus and Lisa Funnell. "Doing Popular Geopolitics and Security: Intersectional and Interdisciplinary Readings of James Bond." How to do Popular Culture in International Relations. Eds. Sandra Yao and Mark B. Salter. New York: Routledge (forthcoming 2017).
  • Dodds, Klaus and Lisa Funnell. "'A Relic of the Cold War': The Elemental Geographies and Geo-Political Legacies in/of James Bond. Between Star Wars and Glasnost: Cold War Representations and Media Coverage in the 1980s. Eds. Henrik G. Bastiansen, Martin Klimke, and Rolf Werenskjold (forthcoming 2017).
  • Funnell, Lisa. “Objects of White Male Desire: (D)Evolving Representations of Asian Women in Bond Films.” For His Eyes Only: The Women of James Bond. Ed. Lisa Funnell. London, UK: Wallflower Press, 2015. 79-87.
  • Funnell, Lisa. “Introduction: The Women of James Bond.” For His Eyes Only: The Women of James Bond. Ed. Lisa Funnell. London, UK: Wallflower Press, 2015. 1-5.
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  • Funnell Lisa and Man-fung Yip. “Introduction: Examining Cultural Flows.” American and Chinese-Language Cinemas: Examining Cultural Flows. Eds. Lisa Funnell and Man-fung Yip. New York: Routledge, 2015. 1-5.
  • Funnell, Lisa. “Hong Kong’s It/Ip Man: The Chinese Contexts of Donnie Yen’s Transnational Stardom.” Transnational Stardom: International Celebrity in Film and Popular Culture. Eds. Russell Meeuf and Raphael Raphael. New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 2013. 117-138.
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  • Funnell, Lisa and Philippa Gates. “Introduction: The Reel Asian Exchange.” Transnational Asian Identities in Pan-Pacific Cinemas: The Reel Asian Exchange. Eds. Philippa Gates and Lisa Funnell. New York: Routledge, 2012. xi-xvi.
  • Funnell, Lisa. “Negotiating Shifts in Feminism: The ‘Bad’ Girls of James Bond.” Women on Screen: Feminism and Femininity in Visual Culture. Ed. Melanie Waters. Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2011. 199-212.
  • Funnell, Lisa. “From English Partner to American Action Hero: The Heroic Identity and Transnational Appeal of the Bond Girl.” Heroes and Heroines: Embodiment, Symbolism, Narratives and Identity. Ed. Christopher Hart. Kingswinford, UK: Midrash, 2008. 61-80.

Other Publications