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Dr. Megan Sibbett

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Dr. Meg Sibbett

Dr. Sibbett smiles among trees.

Assistant Professor, Women's and Gender Studies

Phone: (405) 325-6849
Pronouns: she/her/hers


Dr. Meg Sibbett is an Assistant Professor in the Women's and Gender Studies Department. Her scholarly fields include queer and trans feminist theory, LGBTQ studies, and queer activism and movements. Her research within these fields focuses on queer storytelling and imagination as a strategy for countering administrative and mundane violence. Her forthcoming monograph, Shock and Yawn: Resisting Banal Violence with Queer Storytelling, explores the proliferation of violence through the projects of benevolent protection and securitization of heteronormativity. She also researches monstrosity within popular culture as a trope for furthering state terror and securitization practices. Her article "Breaking into Bad: The New Privileged Monsters, or Straight, Middle-Class, White Guys" published by Oxford University Press, analyzes post 9/11, post "torture memo" trends in monstrosity in highly celebrated television series whose monstrous baddies revel in vigilante violence and torture as protectors of heteronormative state and family making. Another branch of this scholarship on queer storytelling through monster narratives, she explores the ways LGBTQ activism uses disgust and viscera to elicit compassion and action.

In 2019 she won the prestigious Regents Award for Superior Teaching and The Jill Irvine Leadership Award. She helped establish the LGBTQ minor at OU and created the department courses for the minor. Her current teaching and research explores the queer imagination of childhood and childhood cultures.




Sibbett, Megan. Shock and Yawn: Resisting Banal Violence with Queer Storytelling. Columbus: Ohio State University Press [forthcoming 2023]


Sibbett, Megan. "ACT UP! LIV MOORE!: Blood, Brains, and Bodies and the Queer Activism of the Monstrous in iZombie." [forthcoming].

Sibbett, Megan. "Breaking into Bad: The New Privileged Monsters, or Straight, Middle-Class, White Guys," Feminist and Queer Theories: An Intersectional and Transnational Reader, Oxford University Press. January 2020.

Sibbett, Megan. “Shock and Coffee: Gloria Anzaldúa’s Theorization of ‘Intimate Terrorism.’” El Mundo Zurdo 3. Eds. Sonia Saldívar-Hull, Larissa Mercado, Antonia Castaneda. Aunt Lute, 2013.