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Dr. Rodney Bates

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Dr. Rodney Bates

Assistant Professor, Women's and Gender Studies 

Phone: (405) 325-183
Pronouns: he/him/his

Dr. Rodney Bates completed his Ph.D. in Adult and Higher Education at OU in 2017. Dr. Bates’s research focuses on African American males’ experiences at historically white institutions, as well as on dominant and resistant notions of success in higher education. Dr. Bates’s areas of interest include unpacking the inequality of student experiences, understanding important implications for broadening equity and inclusion for underrepresented populations, and student of color access to higher education. His research and practice speaks to the need to fully include marginalized students in institutional decision-making, curriculum development, and the day-to-day leadership and operations of our institutions. Dr. Bates’s research and professional activities continually focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Furthermore, he intentionally collaborates with students, faculty, and school practitioners on topics related to social justice, diversity, equity, education policy, access to higher education for traditionally underserved populations, and addressing inequities across the P-20 pipeline. 



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Bates, R.T. (October, 2018). Black Male Collegians’ Conceptualizing Student Success at Historically White Institutions. In J. Butcher, J. O’Connor, & F. Titus (Eds.) Overcoming Challenges and Creating Opportunity for African American Male Students


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