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Zeynep Aydogdu

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Dr. Zeynep Aydogdu

Assistant Professor, Gateway to Belonging at OU & Women's and Gender Studies

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Dr. Zeynep Aydogdu is an Assistant Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies and Gateway to Belonging at OU at the University of Oklahoma. She is an interdisciplinary scholar of comparative ethnic studies, feminist and gender studies, and transnational American studies. Her research focuses on minority identity and transnational forms of belonging in the twentieth and twenty-first-century literary and visual texts by immigrant women writers with a background in the Middle East and South Asia. Her recent article, “(Un)veiled Women, Modernity, and Civilizing Missions: Selma Ekrem’s Legacy and the Suffrage Movement” (Biography 2020) investigates the modes of self-representation that an early-twentieth century immigrant Ottoman writer and activist generates against the dominant Orientalist knowledges that exclude “Eastern” women from critical discussions of women’s emancipation struggles. She is currently working on her book project, In Relation: Racialization and Interethnic Solidarities in Muslim Women’s Writing, which highlights representations of race and racialization in U.S. Muslim women’s narratives and the possibilities of cross-racial solidarity that they envision.

Dr. Aydogdu has taught courses on ethnicity and literature, critical race and ethnic studies, women of color and transnational feminist critique, and American identity in domestic and global contexts. Her courses frequently engage with issues of immigration, race, gender, class, sexuality, religion, and social justice.


Aydogdu, Zeynep. "(Un)veiled Women, Modernity, and Civilizing Missions: Selma Ekrem's Legacy and the Suffrage Movement." Biography (Honolulu) 43.2 (2020): 323-39. Web.