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Faculty and Research

Faculty Member

Randall S. Hewes Randall S. Hewes Professor of Biology, Dean of the Graduate College, & Senior Associate Vice President for Research and PartnershipsRobertson Hall 213 Phone: 405-325-3106 Ph.D., Zoology - University of Washington, 1993


The research in my lab is focused on the plasticity of neuroendocrine signaling, with special attention to neuropeptide and peptide hormone (peptidergic) systems and their roles in animal behavior.

Selected Publications:

Gu, T., Zhao, T., Kohli, U., and Hewes, R. S. (2017) The large and small SPEN family proteins stimulate axon outgrowth during neurosecretory cell remodeling in Drosophila. Developmental Biology 431(2): 226-238.

Chen, D., Gu, T., Pham, T. N., Zachary, M. J., Hewes, R. S. (2017) Regulatory mechanisms of metamorphic neuronal remodeling revealed through a genome-wide modifier screen in Drosophila melanogaster. Genetics 206(3): 1429-1443.

Chen, D., Qu, C., Bjorum, S. M., Beckingham, K. M., and Hewes, R. S. (2014) Neuronal remodeling during metamorphosis is regulated by the alan shepard (shep) gene in Drosophila melanogaster. Genetics 197(4): 1267-1283. (journal highlight)

Bulgari, D., Zhou, C., Hewes, R. S., Deitcher, D. L., and Levitan, E. S. (2014) Vesicle capture, not delivery, scales up neuropeptide storage in neuroendocrine terminals. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 111(9): 3597-3601.

Gu, T., Zhao, T. and Hewes, R. S. (2014) Insulin signaling regulates neurite growth during metamorphic neuronal remodeling. Biology Open 3(1): 81-93.

Gauthier, S. A., VanHaaften, E., Cherbas, L., Cherbas, P., and Hewes, R. S. (2012) Cryptocephal, the Drosophila melanogaster ATF4, Is a Specific Coactivator for Ecdysone Receptor Isoform B2. PLoS Genetics 8(8): 1-8.

Shakiryanova, D., Zettel, G., Gu, T., Hewes, R. S., and Levitan, E. S. (2011) Synaptic neuropeptide release induced by octopamine without Ca2+ entry into the nerve terminal. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 108(11): 4477-4481.

Zhao, T., Gu, T., Rice, H. C., McAdams, K. L., Roark, K. M., Lawson, K., Gauthier, S. A., Reagan, K. L., and Hewes, R. S. (2008) A Drosophila gain-of-function screen for candidate genes controlling steroid-dependent neuroendocrine cell remodeling. Genetics 178(2): 883-901.

Shakiryanova, D., Klose, M., Zhou, Y., Gu, T., Deitcher, D. L., Atwood, H. L., Hewes, R. S. and Levitan, E. S. (2007) Presynaptic ryanodine receptor-activated calmodulin kinase II increases vesicle mobility and potentiates neuropeptide release. J. Neurosci. 27(29): 7799-7806.

Hewes, R. S., Gu, T., Brewster, J. A., Qu, C. and Zhao, T. (2006) Regulation of secretory protein expression in mature cells by DIMM, a bHLH neuroendocrine differentiation factor. J. Neurosci. 26(30): 7860-7869.