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Recent CBN Grants

Dr. Shanteri Singh was awarded a new RO1 grant from the National Institutes of Health, entitled, "A chemoenzymatic approach to accessing novel isoprenoid scaffolds" (2022-2026).

Dr. Dahiana Arcila was awarded a new CAREER award from the National Science Foundation, entitled "Integrating genomic, paleoclimatic, and morphological approaches to unravel the evolutionary history of fossils and extant marine fishes" (2022-2027).

Dr. Ari Berkowitz was awarded a new grant from the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology, entitled "Calcium imaging of multifunctional and behaviorally specialized spinal interneurons during swim, scratch, and flexion reflex motor patterns" (2021-2024).

Dr. Ingo Schlupp was awarded a new grant from the National Science Foundation, entitled "The origin of sperm parasitism in Amazon mollies" (2020-2023).

Dr. Ann West and colleagues were awarded an Institutional Development Award Center of Biomedical Research Excellence grant from the National Institutes of Health, entitled, "Oklahoma COBRE in Structural Biology" (2017-2022).

Dr. Christian Lemon was awarded a new RO1 grant from the National Institutes of Health, entitled, "Taste and oral sensory processing in the brain" (2017-2022).

Recent CBN Awards/Honors

Mehrnaz Afkhami, a Ph.D. student with Dr. J.P. Masly, received the award for best poster at the Annual Drosophila Research Conference in 2021.

Dr. Ari Berkowitz was interviewed on the Top of Mind radio show in April 2020.

A 2018 paper co-authored by Dr. Michael Wenger was featured on the International Food Policy Research Institute website.

Selected Recent CBN Publications

Bentz, A. B., George, E. M., Wolf, S. E., Rusch, D. B., Podicheti, R., Buechlein, A., Nephew, K. P., and Rosvall, K.A. (2021) Experimental competition induces immediate and lasting effects on the neurogenome in free-living female birds. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118: e201615411.

Berry-Kravis, E. M., Harnett, M. D., Reines, S. A., Reese, M. A., Ethridge, L. E. Outterson, A. H., Michalak, C., Furman, J., and Gurney, M. (2021) Benefit of BPN14770 for cognition, language, and daily function in adults with fragile x syndrome: A randomized, placebo-controlled, phase 2 clinical trial. Nature Medicine 27: 862-870.

Bannatyne, B. A., Hao, Z. Z., Dyer, G. M. C., Watanabe, M., Maxwell, D. J., and Berkowitz, A. (2020) Neurotransmitters and motoneuron contacts of multifunctional and behaviorally specialized turtle spinal cord interneurons. J. Neurosci. 40: 2680-2694 (Featured Research).

Li, J. and Lemon, C. H. (2019) Mouse parabrachial neurons signal a relationship between bitter taste and nociceptive stimuli. J. Neurosci. 39: 1631–1648.

York, J. R., Yuan, T., Lakiza, O., and McCauley, D. W. (2018) An ancestral role for Semaphorin3F-Neuropilin signalling in patterning neural crest within the new vertebrate head. Development 145(14) pii: dev164780.

Shyamal, S., Das, S., Guruacharya, A., Mykles, D. L., and Durica, D. S. (2018) A transcriptomic approach examining crustacean Y Organ molt cycle regulation via the mTOR signaling pathway. Scientific Reports 8: 7307.

Berkowitz, A. (2018) You can observe a lot by watching: Hughlings Jackson’s underappreciated and prescient ideas about brain control of movement. The Neuroscientist 24: 448-455 (Cover article).

Swapna, I., Ghezzi, A., York, J. M., Markham, M. R., Halling, D. B., Lu, Y., Gallant, J. R., and Zakon, H. H. (2018) Electrostatic tuning of a potassium channel in electric fish. Current Biology 28: 2094–2102.