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A. Rates

Although limited University funding has been made available to maintain and operate an effective and safe facility, the CCL is considered a self-sustaining organization. As such, a fee structure has been put in place, which will help to maintain certain supplies, garments, chemicals, tools, etc. Consumables more specific to a particular project or authorized CCL user are typically supplied by the individual user, but but standard molecular biology supplies are provided as part of the standard maintenance and operation of the CCL facility. If you feel a certain item may not be covered by this, confirmation may be obtained by contacting the CCL Manager (

All users of the CCL will be charged the following usage fees:

ServicesOU-Internal Academic RateExternal Academic Rate
Miseq Nano v2 500$ 381.00$ 581.00
Miseq 50v2$ 846.50$ 1,046.50
Miseq 300v2$ 1,110.00$ 1,310.00
Miseq 500v2$ 1,217.90$ 1,417.90
Miseq 150v3$ 939.55$ 1,139.55
Miseq 600v3$ 1,590.00$ 1,790.00
Tapestation$ 4.00-
Library Prep$ 70.00$ 150.00
3RAD Library$ 2.00$ 3.00
Nanopore Library$ 150.00$ 160.00
Nanopore Flongle Flowcell$ 50.00$ 60.00
HMW DNA Extraction$ 30.00$ 40.00
Bench Prep$ 25.00$ 40.00


The VPRP’s office will bill authorized CCL users at the end of each month for accumulated user charges. In the case of students, postdocs, or other direct reports to a faculty member, the faculty member will be billed. Payment of any outstanding charges is due and payable within thirty (30) days after billing. Continued failure to pay user charges will result in denied access to the CCL facility and may result in a collections action against the authorized CCL user.

This fee policy is the sole responsibility of the steering committee of the CCL. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the CCL steering committee.