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User Rules and Policies Agreement

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User Rules and Policies Agreement

This reference document defines the basic operational rules and policies for use of the Consolidated Core Laboratory (CCL) facility in Stephenson Research and Technology Center (SRTC) at the University of Oklahoma (OU). The CCL facility has ~1218 square feet of wet lab space. The CCL houses state-of-the-art equipment and serves as a multi-user facility with approved CCL users having access 24 hours a day. The equipment toolsets provide solutions for ongoing research projects and next generation DNA sequencing. As a result, it is very important for all CCL users to have read and understood this CCL User Rules and Policies document before using the facility. It is impossible, however, to define a policy for every conceivable situation.  Rules and policies are no substitute for common sense. Under these conditions, anyone who continually fails to act in a professional, safe, and responsible manner while in the CCL will have their access privileges revoked.

Users’ suggestions and feedback on the facility, its operation, and its equipment are welcome at all times. Please feel free to direct your suggestions to the CCL Manager, who can be contacted through the CCL website (

A. Consolidated Core Laboratory Mission Statement

Through continuous improvement to the CCL facility, an open governance model, and a collaborative/supportive environment, the mission of the CCL is:

To provide a professional, safe, sustainable, and enabling high-quality Genomics facility in which
the University community and its collaborators compete internationally by conducting innovative
research and education.

B. Consolidated Core Laboratory Equipment

The CCL houses both shared pool equipment and faculty-run equipment. A complete list of all equipment is provided on the CCL website (FIX URL). The faculty-run equipment is usually specifically designed for one faculty member’s research area and not widely applicable to the broader community. Therefore, such equipment is not regularly shared except through specific agreement with the University on behalf of the faculty member who stewards the equipment. In contrast, shared pool equipment has been deemed useful to numerous CCL users, and is maintained and operated by the CCL staff. Furthermore, CCL staff will provide training for shared pool equipment free of charge. Finally, when a user has been trained and is ready to use the equipment they can email Graham Wiley,, to schedule a time to use that piece of equipment.

The CCL is a university facility designed to support research and development but also must operate using sound financial management principles and develop strong linkages with industry. With this in mind, the governance structure shown in the figure below is in place to assist in achieving the goals of the CCL and its users.

Consolidated Core Lab (CCL) Structure

A. Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EC), comprising of the Norman Campus Vice President for Research, College of Arts & Sciences Associate Dean, and the Chairs of Anthropology, Biology, and Chemistry, bring executive level oversight and direction. The Executive Committee will meet periodically, at least twice per year, and will have overall responsibility for the strategic direction of the CCL as well as final authority over strategic planning, and financial and hiring decisions.

B. Policy and Budget

The Office of the Vice President for Research for the Norman Campus will manage the budget and financials of the CCL as well as coordinate the setting of policies (which is a formal role of the VPR).

C. Consolidated Core Laboratory Steering Committee

The CCL Steering Committee (SC), initially comprised of faculty users, has four roles.  First, it works with the Executive Committee to develop and implement plans and policies for the CCL. Second, it works to ensure effective use of CCL resources (physical and financial) and to develop bold research projects, faculty collaborations both internal and external, and strong relationships with the private sector. Third, the chair of the Steering Committee coordinates all activities of the Steering Committee and formally oversees the CCL Manager, conducting the yearly performance evaluation. Fourth, the Steering Committee makes recommendations to the Executive Committee on hiring and all other important matters associated with the CCL, with the Executive Committee having final authority of approval.

D. Consolidated Core Laboratory Manager

The CCL Manager is the primary staff position of the CCL, and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the CCL and supervision of any other CCL staff. The CCL Manager reports directly to the Chair of the CCL SC. The general activities/responsibilities of the CCL Manager are outlined below.

Facility Management and Safety:

  • Ordering, stocking, documentation, and inventory control of chemicals, reagents and all other consumables
  • Safety and user training, including documentation
  • Based on Steering Committee approval, material control (what is allowed and not allowed in the CCL) – substrates, chemicals, etc.
  • Based on Steering Committee approval, equipment control (how and by whom equipment may be operated)

Technical and Consulting:

  • Tool repairs/spare parts procurement, inventory management, and issuance
  • Tool acquisitions, installations and modifications / upgrades
  • Grant-supported consulting as approved by Steering Committee

Administrative and Budget:

  • Primary CCL point of contact
  • Update and monitor CCL website
  • Assist with promotional materials
  • Conduct tours and presentations as directed by Steering Committee
  • Advise Steering Committee on cost maintenance and operations cost control
  • Direct day-to-day work effort of other CCL staff
  • Quarterly equipment and tool qualification
  • Coordinate billing for non-University users
  • Negotiate and monitor approved service contracts with vendors
  • Coordinate with the OU Office of Compliance
  • Management and scheduling of shared facility resources to ensure optimal utilization
  • Provide advice to Steering Committee on future needs (e.g., equipment, supplies, materials, staffing)

The CCL was established for the primary use of OU faculty and users affiliated with and working on specifically approved research projects. A formal request, training, and approval process has been put in place to ensure effective and safe use of the CCL. This process is described in the following sections.

A. Request for Access

Users are required to contact the CCL Manager at to indicate their interest in the use of the CCL. After this initial contact, the CCL Manager will forward this User Rules and Policies Agreement document, which must be read, understood, and signed before proceeding through the process

B. Training Sessions

After reading User Rules and Policies Agreement, the potential CCL user must take part in formal training sessions, which are held as needed. The CCL Manager has the sole authority to determine if a user is qualified to use the CCL.

Training typically consists of three sessions: an orientation session, an equipment demonstration session, and an evaluation session. Users should read the equipment operating procedure prior to the first training session for the specific piece of equipment of interest. Operating procedures for the equipment in the CCL are posted online at the CCL website. (

  • Orientation: The orientation session is taught by CCL staff and should take approximately thirty (30) minutes. Safety precautions and protocol of the CCL, and proper equipment operation of specific tools are explained and demonstrated. The trainer will show the trainee the basics of how to run the tool(s) of interest, but will not run an actual process. Users must be specifically trained and authorized for their use. Users are required to participate in chemical safety and use training prior to using any chemicals in the facility.
  • Demonstration: The second session of training includes an actual process run demonstrated by a CCL staff member. At this time the user can provide samples to take advantage of the demonstration. Users are strongly encouraged to take notes during this session to facilitate later usage of the equipment.
  • Evaluation: The purpose of this session is to assess the user’s ability to operate the equipment competently and safely with the user’s own samples. CCL staff will provide assistance to ensure the safe and proper operation of the equipment. The evaluation session must be completed within one (1) month of the demonstration session or the user will have to repeat the process.

When the user successfully demonstrates the knowledge and ability to operate the equipment, the user will become an authorized user and be added to the user list. If the user fails to demonstrate the knowledge and ability to operate the equipment, the user and the CCL staff member will discuss the problems encountered and schedule a follow-up session. If the user fails a second time, user access will be evaluated by the CCL Steering Committee.

C. Sooner Card

Based upon successful completion of safety and operations training for the use of the CCL, authorized users will be given Sooner Card access to the CCL. The Sooner Card is used to access the CCL door lock. Loaning of an access card to others is a serious violation of University policies and could result in loss of access to the CCL. Furthermore, unauthorized persons are prohibited from accompanying users into the CCL to help with and/or conduct their own experiments, unless specifically approved by the CCL Manager. For authorized users who are inactive in the CCL facility for longer than six (6) months, new training sessions will be required.

D. Consolidated Core Laboratory Visitors

Established CCL policies provide a safe and successful working environment. Authorized CCL users are expected to at all times follow the policies set forth in this section. Authorized CCL users are part of a larger community that exists in a shared facility, and are responsible for proper equipment operation and correct chemical handling procedures. CCL staff members are available to provide any necessary training.

Established CCL policies provide a safe and successful working environment. Authorized CCL users are expected to at all times follow the policies set forth in this section. Authorized CCL users are part of a larger community that exists in a shared facility, and are responsible for proper equipment operation and correct chemical handling procedures. CCL staff members are available to provide any necessary training.

A. General Guidelines

Authorized CCL users are urged to use common sense when considering safety and how their actions will affect other authorized CCL users. These rules must be read, understood, agreed to, and practiced at all times. CCL staff members are available to answer any questions.

Much of the equipment in the CCL is delicate. Hands-on access is considered an important part of the educational process for authorized CCL users. The rules and procedures established for the use of any piece of equipment or instrumentation are in place to assure continued operation. Violation of these procedures or carelessness in operation can result in damage, downtime, and considerable expense. Consequently, careless or damaging use of equipment will result in suspension of an authorized CCL user’s privileges, either for a specific tool or instrument, or the CCL facility as a whole. Authorized CCL users and/or their respective institution/company may be held financially liable for equipment or other property damage if it found to result from gross negligence, willful misconduct, or deliberate violation of CCL policies and procedures.

B. Consolidated Core Laboratory Rules

  1. Authorized CCL users may only use equipment for which they have been trained and approved. The CCL Manager will provide all training on shared pool equipment. Authorized CCL users will report all equipment and facility problems to the CCL Manager. Repair and maintenance of shared pool equipment and of the general CCL facility must be performed and may only be authorized by the CCL Manager.
  2. Consistent with commonly accepted scientific customs, only accepted attire can be worn into and in the CCL facility. Accordingly, improper attire, including, but not limited to, open-toed shoes, sandals, and shorts are strictly prohibited in the CCL facility. Use of contact lens in the CCL facility is discouraged as chemicals can become trapped between your eye and the lens causing permanent damage. Because of the potential exposure to chemicals, working in the CCL facility while pregnant is strongly discouraged.
  3. The CCL Manager must approve all new chemicals brought into the CCL facility. A MSDS must be provided to the CCL Manager for all new chemicals. All new equipment to be introduced into the CCL facility is subject to prior approval by the CCL Steering Committee.
  4. Food and drink are strictly prohibited from entering the CCL facility.
  5. Authorized CCL users must maintain a clean work environment, be considerate of fellow authorized CCL users, and leave their work environment in a neat and clean condition.
  6. Authorized CCL users must wear safety gear appropriate for the process.
  7. All chemicals not in their original container and approved chemicals supplied by the authorized CCL user must be labeled with the contents, date, name of user, and contact information. Markers and labels are provided in the CCL facility for this purpose.
  8. Authorized CCL users must store and dispose of chemicals properly. Waste containers are provided for every type of chemical waste generated in the CCL facility.
  9. All authorized CCL users are responsible for and encouraged to politely remind fellow authorized CCL users of safe laboratory practice in the event that fellow authorized CCL users are seen engaging in activities that may endanger themselves or others. The observer is responsible for immediately reporting the incident to the CCL Manager.

C. Reservation of Shared Pool Equipment

All authorized CCL users must reserve shared pool equipment by emailing the CCL Manager at If a piece of equipment has not been reserved, it may be used on a first come, first served basis. However, all authorized CCL users must verify that the equipment has not been reserved before using the equipment. If an authorized CCL user does not start using any piece of equipment within one (1) hour of the start of the reservation, the authorized CCL user forfeits the entire reservation.

D. Emergencies and Equipment Failures

Major problems, such as fire, smoke, leaks, or equipment alarms, should be reported immediately to the appropriate authorities. Fire, smoke, and leaks must be reported immediately to the OU Police Department (OUPD) emergency number at 5-0911, when calling from an OU phone (405) 325-1717 from a cell phone). The OUPD will respond and contact the appropriate parties. For equipment alarms, please call the CCL Manager directly at (405) 325-5429.

Problems with equipment malfunction, breakage, etc., should be reported to the CCL Manager. Authorized CCL users should never attempt to fix or adjust anything themselves. The equipment is extremely expensive and can be quite delicate. Considerable damage can be done at a great cost of both money and downtime by careless attempts at repairs. If an authorized CCL user misuses the equipment by not consulting the CCL staff or by ignoring suggestions by the CCL staff, such authorized CCL user is responsible for any resulting damage and repair costs to the equipment.

E. User-Supplied Materials and/or Equipment

The CCL Manager must approve the use of any chemicals not normally provided by the CCL. Any new chemicals or materials must be brought to the attention of the CCL Manager before accepting them into the CCL. Associated MSDS must be provided.

In order to maintain and operate an effective and safe facility, it is essential to maintain certain supplies, garments, chemicals, tools, etc. Consumables more specific to a particular project or authorized CCL user are typically supplied by the individual user, but standard molecular biology supplies are provided as part of the standard maintenance and operation of the CCL facility. If you feel a certain item may not be covered by this, confirmation may be obtained by contacting the CCL Manager (

A formal fee structure has been developed according to the “OU Cost Center Procedures,” a copy of which may be obtained from the Office of Research Services. This CCL rate schedule is reviewed on a semi-annual basis by the Office of Research Services.

ServicesOU-Internal Academic RateExternal Academic Rate
Miseq Nano v2 500$ 381.00$ 581.00
Miseq 50v2$ 846.50$ 1,046.50
Miseq 300v2$ 1,110.00$ 1,310.00
Miseq 500v2$ 1,217.90$ 1,417.90
Miseq 150v3$ 939.55$ 1,139.55
Miseq 600v3$ 1,590.00$ 1,790.00
Tapestation$ 4.00-
Library Prep$ 70.00$ 150.00
3RAD Library$ 2.00$ 3.00
Nanopore Library$ 150.00$ 160.00
Nanopore Flongle Flowcell$ 50.00$ 60.00
HMW DNA Extraction$ 30.00$ 40.00
Bench Prep$ 25.00$ 40.00


The VPRP’s office will bill authorized CCL users at the end of each month for accumulated user charges. In the case of students, postdocs, or other direct reports to a faculty member, the faculty member will be billed. Payment of any outstanding charges is due and payable within thirty (30) days after billing. Continued failure to pay user charges will result in denied access to the CCL facility and may result in a collections action against the authorized CCL user.

This fee policy is the sole responsibility of the steering committee of the CCL. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the CCL steering committee.

A. Liability and Disclaimer

The parties hereto understand and agree that the work to be performed in the CCL is not to be considered as cooperative research investigations. The External Users shall agree to conduct the work program with accepted professional standards and will exercise reasonably best care for University property. At the University’s option, the External User shall promptly pay for or reimburse the University for all repairs to any equipment damaged during work by the External User or if unable to be repaired, to replace such equipment with equipment of similar value and specifications.

External Users and/or External User’s company shall indemnify, defend, and hold the University, its Regents, officers, agents, students, and employees harmless from and against liability for any and all claims, demands, damages, liabilities, fines, penalties, losses, expenses, costs, and fees of any nature (e.g., attorneys' fees) including, but not limited to, bodily injury, death, personal injury, illness, product liability, and property damage arising from External User’s and/or External User’s company’s and/or any authorized third party use of the CCL Facility and/or arising from this Agreement. The University will give the External User notice of any claim it receives within ten (10) business days of receipt of a claim by the University.

The University makes no representations and extends no warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including without limitation warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, and assumes no responsibility whatever with respect to the use of same. All facilities included herein are “AS IS.” The University shall not be liable in all events for any consequential, special, incidental or indirect damages arising out of or in connection with this Agreement even if it has been notified of the possibility thereof.

B. Insurance

The External User agrees to keep in force at its own expense during the entire period of technical work, such liability insurance as is required by applicable law as will protect it from claims, for bodily injury and death, and for property damage, that may arise out of work under this Agreement, whether caused directly or indirectly by the External User. The minimum liability limits of such insurance shall not be less than one million dollars ($1,000,000.00). Proof of such insurance shall be filed by the External User with the University within a reasonable time after execution of this Agreement and before commencing any use of the CCL facilities. Upon request, the External User shall provide true and correct copies of any such policies to the University.

Download the User Rules and Policies Agreement document below. Read through it and return a signed copy to the CCL Manager.