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Writing Enriched Curriculum

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OU’s Writing Enriched Curriculum supports academic programs working to implement an effective and coordinated writing curriculum throughout the major. Our disciplinary, faculty-driven approach is guided by three principles gleaned from decades of research and practice in writing across the curriculum: namely,

  • For students to become proficient writers, they must receive consistent writing instruction throughout their major courses
  • Only faculty within a given discipline can effectively teach and assess the writing skills particular to that discipline
  • Methods for integrating writing into curricula must therefore be developed by core faculty—they cannot be imposed by administrative fiat or outsourced to an exterior unit

WEC at OU is able to enroll 3 new programs (typically departments) per year. An enrolled unit creates, implements, and assesses a writing plan over a period of four years. In each unit, a faculty member is appointed as a WEC Liaison to coordinate the work of drafting, revising, and assessing the writing plan with their colleagues.

Select the appropriate icon below to find out more about how individual professors or whole programs can harness the power of writing for student learning. If you're interested in a consultation, contact Robert Scafe (

Learn how WEC can help faculty in your unit work together to examine student writing and to develop shared curricular materials.


Find resources to help make your  teaching more inclusive and engaging through writing.