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Service-learning Course Designation

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Service-learning Designation

Are you interested in designating your service-learning course?

For an undergraduate/graduate course to be officially eligible for the service-learning designation, include these components on your syllabus and submit your proposal.

1. Service-learning experience

  • Description of the service-learning experience, including hours in community 
  • Definition of service-learning

2. Student Learning Outcomes related to service component

  • Measurable and observable statements of student learning outcomes that describe what students enrolled in the course should know and do (relative to service aspects of the course) upon successful completion of the course.   

3. A Community partnership engagement plan

  • Service addresses a community-identified need.
  • Community benefits from the service, project or research.
  • Community partners have the opportunity to assess the project and give feedback to the faculty member and students.

4. Assessment of learning outcomes

  • Use of critical reflection assignments to enhance and assess the learning gained from the service aspect of the course, including the understanding of the community-identified need. These assignments should be ongoing throughout the service experience, not just at the end of the experience. It is expected that the quality of the assignment(s) is/are assessed using a simple rubric.
  • Potentially, use of other assignments that link academic learning and service (e.g. term paper, final presentation, etc.)
For more information on the process and to submit your course for designation, see OU Community Engagement