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New Faculty Orientation

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New Faculty Orientation

Faculty member leading teaching discussion
New Faculty Orientation Agenda

View the 2022 New Faculty Orientation Agenda.

As a new faculty member, we look forward to your participation in the New Faculty Orientation. The New Faculty Orientation will introduce you to critical information, resources, and support for your research, creative activiites, teaching, and service. It will provide an opportunity to meet leaders of the University and hear about their vision.

The New Faculty Orientation is a two-day event focused on teaching, research, creative activities, and faculty and student success. Optional sessions on the second day will focus on the Canvas Learning Management System and HR benefits.

To learn more about our new 2022 faculty members please take this opportunity to review the 2022 New Faculty Profiles. The profiles include new faculty interests on teaching, research and collaborations.

New Faculty Orientation In-Depth Fall 2022 Schedule




Getting to know University College & Supporting Student Success

Aug. 31   2:00-3:00

Lillian Miller & Adrienne Carter Sowell

Community Engaged Teaching, Research & Creative Activity

Sept 9 11:30-12:30

Joy Pendley

Graduate & Undergraduate Student Mentoring

Sept. 20 1:30-2:30

Milos Savic/Liz Karr

Academic Publishing, Editing, & Reviewing 

Sept. 29 9:00-10:00

Jennifer Cline Davis/Karl Hambright

Student Affairs /Academic Integrity

Oct. 4th 1:30-2:30

Quy Nguyen/Will Spain/Erin Simpson

University Libraries 

October 20 11:30-1:00

hosting lunch

Building a sustainable research group 

Oct. 26th 1:30-2:30

Christina Bourne/Kathy Volz

Faculty Activity System Training 

Nov. 4  3:00-4:00

Karen Horne

Writing with CFE

Nov. 10th 1:30-2:30

Michele Eodice, Robert Scafe, Amy Bradshaw