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Faculty Resources and Support

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Faculty Resources and Support

Faculty resources are available to all instructors.  This chart shows the location of support across Norman campus at 19 different offices and centers. 

Center for Faculty Excellence


Contact: Megan Elwood Madden, Director

Department Email:

Area of SupportSupport Activity
Diversity, Equity,
and Inclusion
Workshops, consultation, symposium
Workshops, consultation, SL Designation, Learning Communities, Community Partnership development (example: module describing opportunities in new faculty orientation)
Teaching and
Workshops, consultations (example: 1-on-1 teaching support for faculty/workshop: Alternative Methods for Motivating Group Discussions)
Creative Activity,
and Scholarship
Workshops, consultation (example:  Discussion on Team Science and Building Interdisciplinary Research Teams/Writing Groups for junior faculty)
LeadershipWorkshops, learning communities (example:  Workshop: Mentoring: How to be a good Mentor/Mentee)
FAS (training, support, analysis, reports), Document review

Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost


Contact: Grey Allman

Office Email:

Area of SupportSupport Activity
Diversity and Inclusion

Associate Provost for Inclusive Faculty Excellence

PAC-WI (Women's Issues) promotes the interests of women at The University of Oklahoma, particularly women engaged in research, teaching, and administration.


PAC-GEO - (General Education) charged with assessing the OU general education program and determining if it is serving its intended function, i.e., to ensure that each student receives a broad education, regardless of area of specialization; to advise the Provost of findings; and to maintain the offical general education course listings.

PAC-LT (Learning Technologies) provides input on learning technologies to the Provost of the Norman campus. Learning technologies are ones that enhance instruction and effectiveness in the classroom, such as learning management systems, electronic portfolios, and response systems.

Research and Creative Activities

Administration of the Faculty Dependent Care Grant - initiated to assist faculty in covering

necessary expenses related to caring for dependents when traveling outside of the OKC metro for activities such as conferences, workshops, scholarly collaborations with non-OU faculty, and conduct of scholarly or creative activity approved by the department chair and dean of the unit. 

Review and administration of sabbatical leave proposals as an investment in the future

of the faculty member and the future of the faculty member’s students at the University (can also apply to other areas such as teaching, leadership, etc.) 

LeadershipHold Deans' Council meetings (monthly); Associate Deans' Council meetings (monthly); Chairs and Directors' meetings (monthly); Mentoring of new academic Chairs

Oversight and administration of university faculty awards and honors

Publication of the Provost's Academic Bulletin, which highlights events that may of interest to faculty across campus (ranging from seminars in their disciplines to personal development workshops at the library to advertising fine arts performances)


Oversight and administration of faculty evaluation; tenure and promotion; post-tenure review

Fall Semester - New Faculty Orientation

Learning Outcome AssessmentPAC-LOA (Learning Outcomes Assessment) is charged with cultivating and advancing effective assessment of student learning with the aim of promoting continuous improvement in all academic programs at the University of Oklahoma.

Associate Provost for Inclusive Faculty

Area of SupportSupport Activity 
Diversity, Equity, and InclusionFaculty training on diversity, equity and inclusion; inclusive pedagogies, hiring for diversity trainings  
Community EngagementWebinars, workshops, 1 on 1 consultation on inclusive pedagogies, inclusive classrooms and increased understanding of cultural competency   
TeachingProvide consultation and workshops on improving the students' learning experiences - issues of inclusion, communication, cultural responsive pedagogy, trauma informed teaching etc. 
Research, Creative Activities, and ScholarshipAs needed education on diversity in research; impact of implicit bias in research and awards activity  

Academic Assessment


Contact: Felix Wao, PhD

Department Email:

Area of SupportSupport Activity
Diversity, Equity, and InclusionAssist with future plans to deploy climate surveys for faculty, staff and students.  Conduct further analysis (as needed) regarding data from climate surveys.
Community EngagementGuidelines regarding assessment of student learning in courses designated for SL. Participation in PAC-SL meetings.
Research, Creative Activities, and ScholarshipAssist individual faculty pursuing NSF grants with documentation of assessment of student learning information (if required). Serve as external evaluator for faculty seeking NSF grants.
Learning Outcomes Assessment Workshops for and individual consultations with faculty across all departments on various assessment topics at course, degree and certificate program level as well as assessment of the general education curriculum. Also, we hold the biennial OU Assessment Forum for faculty to discuss best practices on assessment of student learning.

Academic Integrity


Contacts: Will Spain and Brittany Mayes

Department Email:

Area of SupportSupport Activity
Community EngagementAcademic Integrity Hearing Panels - two professors needed to participate in each hearing panel
TeachingClassroom Presentations - Members of OAIP staff and the student Integrity Council offer 20-50 minute presentations on types of misconduct, plagiarism, and why the community cares about academic integrity 
Research, Creative Activities, and ScholarshipResearch Misconduct - concerns with misconduct in research (both student and faculty) can be directed to Associate Provost Greg Heiser. 

Accessibility and Disability Resource Center


Contact: Chelle' Lodge Guttery

Department Email.:

Area of SupportSupport Activity
Teaching Test proctoring services, accommodation resources, instruction policy, faculty development tools, FERPA tutorial

Arts and Humanities Forum


Contact: Anna Reser

Department Email:

Area of SupportSupport Activity
Diversity, Equity, and InclusionRecent annual themes have supported faculty work in areas of diveristy and inclusion, such as "Outcasts and Outlands," Sovereignty in Performance, Poetics, and Politics," and "Humanities and the Environment."
Community EngagementPublic events with Forum Fellows and Forum Grantees. Other public events with OU faculty and invited speakers. Digital Humanities symposia. Many public-facing faculty projects engage local, regional, and national/international community projects. 
TeachingForum Grants can be awarded for pedagogical research. Digital Humanities Symposia support faculty in bringing new digital pedagogies to the classroom
Research, Creative Activities, and ScholarshipForum Grants: up to $5,000 each per year in support of research and other creative activities corresponding to the Forum’s interdisciplinary annual theme. Arts & Humanities Faculty Fellowships: up to $15,000 semester-long fellowships to enable faculty to complete scholarly projects for publication, presentation, composition, performance, and/or exhibition. Manuscript Development Workshops: provide significant intellectual feedback to selected members of OU’s faculty (at both the junior and senior levels) whose book manuscripts or equivalent are at an advanced stage of preparation. National Humanities Center summer faculty residencies: selects up to two PhD students for an expenses-paid summer residency program in humanities pedagogy at the NHC in the Research Triangle in North Carolina.

Behavior Intervention Team (BIT)


Phone: 405-325-7700

OU's Behavior Intervention Team (BIT) is a group of campus professionals who respond to reports of disruptive or troubling behavior.

The team consists of members from key campus areas including: Enrollment Services & Financial Services, International Student Services, OUPD, Provost's Office, College of Arts and Sciences, Residence Life, Student Affairs, and University Counseling.

What does BIT do?

· Provide consultation and support to faculty, staff, administration, and students in assisting individuals who display concerning or disruptive behavior

· Serve as the central point of contact for reporting problematic behavior

· Assess threat/risk

· Coordinate follow-up

· Connect individuals with appropriate campus and community resources

BIT is

· Outreach based on care and concern. Every effort is made to help the individual succeed in the classroom or workplace.  Our reporting resource is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day through the online reporting form or (405) 325-7700.

BIT is not

· Punitive. The focus of BIT is care and concern for the individual.

· 911. If you feel that you or any other person is in immediate danger, call the proper authorities.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Area of SupportSupport Activity
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

 Webinars, Training-Unlearning Workshops,

On-Demand, Employee Resource Groups

Community EngagementWebinars, Training, Employee Resource Groups, Monthly Newsletter 
LeadershipWebinars, Training, Employee Resource Groups, Conference Presentations, Diversity Liaison Oversight 
Career DevelopmentImpact Assessment
Learning Outcomes AssessmentImpact assessment on all programming

Digital Learning


Contact: Adam Croom, PhD

Department Email:

Area of SupportSupport Activity
Diversity, Equity, and InclusionConsultations on Universal Design and Accessibility in online courses
TeachingWorkshops, consultations, teaching support for online learning related to OU Online, faculty portfolio websites, web-based digital humanities projects (Wordpress, Drupal, Omeka)
Research, Creative Activities, and ScholarshipSupport for individual faculty and research groups who need an online web presence (portfolio, blog, LAMP-based databases)

Education Abroad


Contact: Shanna Vincent and Annaly Beck

Department Email:

Area of SupportSupport Activity
Diversity, Equity, and InclusionNumerous events highlighting the unqiue backgrounds of OU's internaitonal student population. General visa and standing advice. International Student emergency grant. Assistance with cultural competency issues
Community EngagementService learning and community engagement abroad- best practices and appropriate program design.
Teaching Program design and implmentation. Pre-departure orientation.
Research, Creative Activities, and Scholarship This can be done on a case by case basis. It is encouraged and can be facilitated. The College also oversses the PITF international travel fellowship
WellnessPredeparture orientation addresess mental health. CIS also has a 24 hr. emergency phone. 
Learning Outcome AssessmentThrough collabaorative program building. Assessment is a crucial part of this. 

Gender and Equality Center


Contact: Erin Simpson


Area of SupportSupport Activity
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Unlearning Trans + Homonegativity, Faculty Ally Training
Community EngagementAspiring Ally Meet and Greet, Queer Tour
TeachingCreating Equitable Classrooms workshop
LeadershipLGBTQ+ Mentorship Program

Graduate College

Area of SupportSupport Activity
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion Module in New GTA Orientation   

Cross Training activites for ITAs and undergraduate provided by ETCS.   

Holistic Application Review Guidance/Workshops

Graduate College Dashboard   

Resiliency, Imposter Syndrome, and Optimism

For graduate students, it’s critical to learn how to deal with challenges and setbacks to progress and advance personally and professionally. Participants will learn evidence-based strategies to develop a growth mindset, reduce stress, minimize imposter fears, increase optimism and use feedback constructively.
Strategies for People Experiencing Academic Bullying
This event is designed to help graduate students understand mentoring and academic bullying. It aims to describe the various forms of mentoring available to graduate students and to show what effective mentoring should look like. In addition, it will give a breakdown of what constitutes academic bullying, how it can be avoided and the resources available on campus to help deal with its occurrence.

Community EngagementResource Fair (ISS Hosts but GC Participates)
TeachingNew GTA Orientation Training and Ongoing Workshops for GTA Development

Free ETCS Courses and Coaching for ITAs
Research, Creative Activities, and ScholarshipNightmare on Research Street
Researchers at all career stages (graduate students, post-docs, faculty). Bring your terrifying story of data and file loss or near-loss!  Specialists and librarians will be on hand to help you banish the specters of data and file loss both digital and physical! Don't let your project become a zombie.  Hear harrowing tales of why you need to keep your data and files safe!  Learn preventative measures to keep data vampires out of your project!
Creating Effective Presentation and Posters
This workshop is designed to help graduate students understand how to create and give effective poster presentation. It will involve a step-by-step explanation on what poster presentations involve. It will also show graduate students what effective poster presentations looks like.
The Writing Series
This workshop will take graduate students and post-docs through important parts of the academic writing process. It will involve Interactive sessions with faculty and will give room for graduate students to ask questions on what constitutes effective writing.
Graduate and Postdoctoral Research Symposium
The Graduate and Postdoctoral Research Symposium is a educational and networking event that encourages exchange between disciplines and brings together students, staff, and faculty. This event is broadly themed and therefore designed to bring together graduate students from differing areas of study and from all stages of the degree process. It is an exciting opportunity to share experiences common to students in all graduate school communities.
LeadershipPossibly some of the workshops offered for grads/postdocs
WellnessFinancial Literacy/ Funding
Overview: This event will cover topics that many young and older graduate students may have a lot of questions about when transitioning into adulthood. Topics such as how to build your credit, taking out and paying back loans, budgeting and funding will be covered. Having a bank representative come in and speak as well as money coaches would be beneficial for this event. As well as having the office of Financial Aid come in and speak helps the students to know who they will be speaking to when it comes to their Bursar, and paying for school.
Let’s Taco Bout Stress
This event would be great for the graduate college counselors to come out and get to know the grad students and talk about ways to manage stress while also eating tacos. This helps the students to build a connection with the counselors and learn that they are here to help them and to use them as a resource while in school. This event falls into wellness and self- care, that is a topic that many college students struggle with and often times don’t know how to relieve their stressful situations.
Time & Stress Management
Learn about time management, self-care, and mindfulness practices. The workshop will involve experiential exercises and provide tools for shifting your thoughts, feelings, and reactions to stressors.
Career DevelopmentAcademic Job Search Series
This workshop will have discussion for faculty on supporting graduate students and postdocs in the academic job search. This Graduate College workshop is designed to (1) support academic units in creating or strengthening an academic job placement service for their students and postdocs and (2) support individual faculty members in giving better academic job placement support to their students and postdocs. This is a 4 part series.
Non-Academic Job Series
This workshop will have discussion for faculty on supporting graduate students and postdocs in the non-academic job search. This Graduate College workshop is designed to (1) support academic units in creating or strengthening non-academic job placement services for their students and postdocs and (2) support individual faculty members in giving better non-academic job placement support to their students and postdocs.  It is also designed to help graduate students and post-docs understand the resources available to help them in this search. This is a 2 part series.

Human Resources


Contact: Jeffery Cooper

Department Email:

Area of SupportSupport Activity
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Bias workshops
LeadershipWorkshops for new leader development, Leadership Council (application/acceptance process)
Career DevelopmentWorkshops for both personal and professional development

Information Technology


Contacts: Kevin Buck and Tomika Cox

Area of SupportSupport Activity
Diversity, Equity, and InclusionConsultations, guides (technical how-to meet accessibility, primarily captioning)
TeachingWorkshops, consultation, guides (technical how-to for Canvas, Zoom, Technology, MyMedia, IT Toolkit)
Research and CreativeWorkshops, Consultations (technical how-to for Qualtrics)
Learning Outcome AssessmentConsultations (technical how-to in Canvas)

Institutional Research and Reporting

Area of SupportSupport Activity
TeachingIRR is the official source of data about OU, including current and trend information about students, courses, faculty, and staff. Information is accessible via their website ( or by contacting them at



Contacts: Karen Rupp-Serano, Interim Dean and Sarah Robbins


Area of SupportSupport Activity
Diversity, Equity, and InclusionUL is committed to creating exhibits representing diverse populations and points of view as a way of building awareness and educating the OU community (example:  Native Voices Over the Airwaves).  We actively seek to co-sponsor workshops related to diversity and inclusion with other units (example:  Diversity in the Research Pipeline).

Participates in new faculty orientation, t&p workshop for pre-tenure faculty

Offers Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry, Open Science Framework workshops

Houses the Zarrow Faculty & Grad Student Center; workshops (survival skills; better practices; workflow tools)

Digital scholarship tools & tutorials

DAVIS (Data Analytics, Visualization & Informatics Syndicate)

OU Impact Challenge; Scholarly Communication Task Force (appointed by the University Libraries Committee, engaging faculty on scholarly communication issues and developing recommendations for the university community to consider/enact).


Provides access to the library catalog online, on & off campus; this includes a ‘discover’ layer that finds resources not owned by UL but that can be acquired (via purchase or ILL) or may be freely available. 

Provides over 300 databases (journal articles, books, data, images, etc.) supporting teaching at all levels

Provides formal class-related instruction on library resources and research strategies at all levelsP

rovides document delivery services (Sooner Xpress) for content held in UL physical collections, and interlibrary loan for materials not available in UL

Offers reserve materials for classes at all levels (print or e) and textbooks on reserve for select undergraduate classes

Purchases materials upon request; provides technology lending

Offers in-depth library resource and research consultations; supports work with GIS; acquires datasets (limitations apply)

Promotes & supports the adoption, modification & creation of open educational resources to replace traditional textbooks

Develops library assignments in collaboration with instructors to meet curricular needs

Creates guides to resources & research for each academic department

Provides presentation consultations

Consults & collaborates on curricular data analysis & visualization projects, digital scholarship projects, and emerging technologies projects (such as 3D scanning, VR) at all levels

Research, Creative Activities, and Scholarship

Provides DOI registry

Data management consultation

Consults on research data plans

ORCiD-related consultation

Offers information and consultation/reports on research metrics

Offers instruction & consultation on open-source bibliographic software

Provides funding for open access publishing (limitations apply)

Scholarly communication consultations (publishing agreements, rights retention

Supports the institutional repository

Offers research fellowships in the History of Science Collections and the Western History Collections

Consults and collaborates on digital scholarship and emerging technologies projects/grants.


Area of Support


Support Activity

Diversity, Equity, and InclusionWorkshops, program design (well-being of a person as a whole) 
Community EngagementWorkshops, volunteer opportunities, community partnerships, Health Promotion 
Research, Creative Activities, and ScholarshipPromotion of internal research programs at OU 
Career DevelopmentWorkshops (in-person, webinar/Zoom, on-demand), challenges (team & individual), health unique to ea. individual)

Southwest Center for Human Relation Studies

Area of SupportSupport Activity
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Conferences, Trainings, Workshops, Consultation

Workshops on how race, ethnicity, intersecting identities, impact Higher Education and historically marginalized communities

Diversity and Inclusion needs assessment for different organizations. 

Community Engagement  Conferences, Trainings, Webinars, 
Teaching Webinars, Conferences 
Research, Creative Activites, and ScholarshipConference presentations, Journal publications (JCSCORE)

Office of the Vice President for Research and Partnerships and Office of Research Services


Contacts: VPRP, Melany Dickens-Ray and ORS, Cindy Clark

Department Emails: VPRP, and ORS,

Area of SupportSupport Activities
Research, Creative Activities, and Scholarship

Research Related Workshops/Webinars

ORS Newsletter (agency updates; funding opportunities)

Proposal-related Tools, Templates, and Examples

Lewis-Burke Consulting Firm (funding opportunities/trends)

VPRP Newsletter; Internal Funding Programs

LeadershipVPRP Faculty Fellows