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Faculty Development Curriculum

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Faculty Development Curriculum for Research and Creative Activities

Professional Development

Many researchers are familiar with one or two organizations that fund work in their area. In this workshop, learn strategies to search through the GrantForward funding database and create a personalized recurring search that presents you with a curated list of funding opportunities relevant to your interests.

The zoom recording is available. 

Proposal abstracts and summaries are the first piece of your writing a Program Manager uses to decide whether or not they are interested in your proposed work. It is crucial that this element is technically grounded, interesting, and flows logically. OU researchers are invited to join this workshop to articulate their project ideas towards developing a proposal summary. In this session, we 1) crystallize your project idea with a writing exercise, 2) Define goals, objectives/research questions/aims, tasks, and 3) review a sample draft 1-page summary to discuss common reviewer concerns. 

Whether you are planning to set up your research group or are already underway, this workshop will provide some brainstorming activities and discussion with peers, as well as present resources and tools for you to structure, guide, and coordinate your lab members and to reduce the workload associated with managing your students and researchers. Tools to increase group productivity and lower manager stress include: 

  • Setting expectations through a “Welcome to my lab” letter 

  • Creating loose group hierarchies 

  • Structuring group meetings   

  • Leveraging Microsoft Teams as a project management tool 

When meeting another person for the first time, it can help to have a succinct message about yourself and your work to share with them. Attend this workshop to prepare your self-introduction through exercises to produce a 1-PPT slide and a 2-minute verbal introduction relevant for meeting colleagues at conferences, beginning discussions with funding organization program managers, and acquainting yourself with others who are interested in your work. 

Proposal Development

The OU Center for Faculty Excellence provides this workshop to help you describe your work to educated non-experts, think through your strategy to pursue external funding, and begin to form your strategy for research and creative activities. This includes a brief introduction to GrantForward.

Many faculty are familiar with one or two organizations that fund work in their area. In this workshop, leverage GrantForward tools to create a personalized recurring search that presents you with a curated list of funding opportunities relevant to your interests. Participants will also discuss their current projects and potential funding opportunities as well as workshop an abstract for a project narrative. 

For OU faculty planning to submit an NSF CAREER proposal in July 2023, this introduction will provide some basic guidelines and OU resources to help you think through your submission strategy.

Slides are available.

This monthly workshop series is for faculty who have a good understanding of the NSF CAREER RFP and would like to develop a full 15-page proposal through the Spring semester. Sessions include: 1) Checklist, Framing the Problem, and Community Engagement; 2) Structuring Proposed Work and Setting the Stage; 3) Developing the specifics of your Education Plan; 4) Developing your Research Methods & Tasks; and 5) Ancillary documents. Participants will also be invited to participate in a Peer Review exercise.

The Big Picture: Designing Long-term Contributions in the Arts and Humanities is a series of seven, interconnected workshops. It was designed to be completed sequentially by a cohort of junior faculty in the arts and humanities, although each session could be useful as a standalone workshop, depending on your specific goals. It draws on various inspirations, including Julia Cameron’s The Artist's Way, Maggie Berg and Barbara K. Seeber’s: The Slow Professor, Paul J. Meyer’s “Wheel of Life” coaching tool, and techniques shared by teachers like Susan Drouilhet and Matt Bell. 


This monthly workshop series is co-sponsored by the Arts & Humanities Forum and will run from November to April. It is geared to arts and humanities faculty interested in developing a grant proposal for individual fellowships with organizations such as the National Endowment for the Humanities. Sessions include: 1) Analyzing sample proposals; 2) Crafting your opening paragraph; 3) Crafting your significance paragraph; 4) Crafting and revising your narrative; 5) Crafting your auxiliary documents; 6) Revising and submitting your proposal. This workshop series provides clear deadlines, an accountability system, peer review of applications, and a thorough revision process. Open to 15 faculty members per year.