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Writing Support

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Writing Support

Welcome faculty writers! As a scholar,  you already have the passion and knowledge to produce texts, but you may want coaching or advice on the way to publication success. I am available to work with you.

Michele Eodice
Senior Writing Fellow
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I can provide guidance on:

  • Re-igniting a stalled project
  • Agency grant proposals/applications
  • Internal applications/dossier
  • Responding to a revise & resubmit based on peer review
  • Preparing a book proposal for an academic press
  • Managing multiple projects
  • Finding your writing environment
  • Manuscript preparation and editing
  • Finding a writing group

Summer 2021 Programs to support faculty writing

Faculty Writing Group

June 3 - August 5

10 Weeks on Thursdays, 10:00-12:00pm CST

Contact for Zoom link

Grant Writing Resources

Contact our grants development specialist, Clara Smith

Suggested readings for faculty writers:


Check CFE feed for news on upcoming workshops, writing retreats, and valuable resources.

Michele Eodice

Senior Writing Fellow

Center for Faculty Excellence | Phone: 405-325-2323

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