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Center for Intelligence and National Security

Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial
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Welcome to the OU Center for Intelligence and National Security

As an Intelligence Center for Academic Excellence, we are committed to providing the academic foundation necessary to solve challenging intelligence and national security research problems and empower the next generation of diverse, qualified students pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees in areas of interest to the Intelligence Community to serve in the intelligence and national security enterprise. 

To achieve this goal, the University of Oklahoma Center for Intelligence and National Security (OU CINS) embraces experiential learning to build valuable foundational capacities in problem-solving, critical thinking, and adaptability. We offer a robust academic program spanning science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), strategic communication, the social and behavioral sciences, and critical languages. OU CINS provides multiple opportunities for study abroad. Students acquire unique skill sets, enrichment experiences, and the personal motivational required to develop the next generation of intelligence professionals necessary to ensure the Nation's security. OU CINS also conducts rigorous research on key national security challenges. 

Reflecting core institutional values, the University of Oklahoma and our academic partners - Langston University, Cameron University, and the College of the Muscogee Nation - are leveraging our collective capabilities to ensure all students have full access to educational opportunities allowing them to grow intellectually and pursue their aspirations.  

Mike Boettcher

Gaylord Professor of Practice and Interim Director