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OU Study Abroad 24/7 Emergency Assistance Line: 405-630-5392

If You Have an Emergency Abroad

In the event of a medical emergency, students should go immediately to the nearest physician or hospital and then contact OU’s study abroad 24/7 Emergency Assistance Line or the UnitedHealthcare Global Emergency Response Center for additional assistance.


UHC Global (CMI) 24/7 EMERGENCY RESPONSE CENTER: +001 (410) 453-6330

(this number may be reached via a collect call from an international location)

If you are not able to place a phone call, please email


Security Assistance

In the event that a student has been a victim of crime, harassment, discrimination, terrorism, natural disaster, etc. students (or their companions) should notify the local faculty leaders, on-site staff and/or resident directors as well as OU’s Director of International Logistics and Risk Management at (405) 630-5392.

OU Education Abroad recommends to prepare and always carry an Emergency contacts card (PDF - open in external viewer to type).

If Your U.S. Passport Is Lost or Stolen Abroad

Please check the Lost and Stolen U.S. Passports Abroad section on the U.S. Department of State website for details on how to obtain a replacement passport.