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First-Generation Students

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First-Generation College Students

You’ve already taken an important step in your academic career by being the first person in your family to attend college. We realize that studying abroad is not only a new experience for you, but for your family as well. It will be your responsibility to educate your family on what study abroad is and how this experience will benefit you academically, personally and professionally. Take that first step by reviewing the resources below and please know that the Education Abroad Office is here to help! 

Things to Consider

  • What services or offices do I use/rely on at OU, and will I have access to similar services when I am abroad?
    Some services or offices to consider would be advising, tutoring, student organizations, computer labs, student financial center, etc. 
  • What new experiences or situations am I most nervous about?
    Consider finding someone to discuss your concerns. If possible, try to prepare as much as you can for these situations in advance.
  • What financial obligations can you plan ahead for now and how can you plan for additional expenses that come with study abroad?

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