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Non-Traditional and Military-Affiliated Students

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Non-Traditional and Military-Affiliated Students Abroad

Non-Traditional and Adult Learners

Adult learners and non-traditional students often have different responsibilities, including a full- or part-time job, financial obligations, limited time and family and/or childcare duties that do not tend to affect many traditional students in the same way. These demands and expectations will require you to plan ahead and take these factors into consideration when studying abroad. We encourage you to take a look at the resources below or discuss any concerns or questions with the Education Abroad Office so that you can take advantage of an enriching and rewarding opportunity in your academic career. 

  • What responsibilities do you have on a normal basis that will be affected during the time you are abroad and how will you manage those while you are gone? 
  • What financial obligations can you plan ahead for now? If you have a job, what is your plan for a short or long-term program?
  •  If you have a partner or dependent, what is your plan to incorporate them or care for them while you are abroad? 
  • What steps can you take to connect with other students on the program? 

Veteran and Military-Affiliated Students

Military, Veteran, ROTC and military-affiliated students have often times already become accustomed to unique challenges and experiences. Through study abroad, you can expand upon your unique perspective and gain new skills that will enhance and compliment previous or future personal or professional goals. To ensure a smooth study abroad experience, please work closely with the Veteran Student Services Office, your college advisor and the Education Abroad Office.