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Medical Insurance on Study Abroad

UnitedHealthcare Global Assistance Insurance Worldwide 24/7 EMERGENCY RESPONSE CENTER: 001 (410) 453-6330

(this number may be reached via a collect call from an international location)

All students participating in OU-approved study abroad programs will be enrolled in comprehensive insurance through UnitedHealthcare Global Assistance (formerly CMI or MEDEX). This insurance is required and integral to the participation of any students on OU study abroad programs. Fees for this insurance will be paid by check or credit card during the semester prior to the study abroad program.

Click below for a description of coverage and the reimbursement claim form for out-of-pocket expenses abroad:

Summary of Benefits (PDF)
Claim Form (PDF)
Claim Instructions (PDF)

Click to access the UHC Global Intelligence Center where you can find comprehensive information on health, safety and security abroad.

Education Abroad will automatically enroll all approved students in this insurance through the online application and travel registration system.

Insurance for Independent Travel

Education Abroad recommends that OU students purchase international health & safety insurance independently when traveling abroad for purposes not affiliated with OU. EA advises that this insurance include emergency evacuation as well as repatriation of remains benefits.

There are a number of medical travel insurance providers, including UHC Global, that may be of interest to OU students purchasing insurance independently, such as:

UnitedHealthcare Global (non-university travel policies for individual purchase from OU's provider)

HTH Worldwide

Cultural Insurance Services International

International SOS

Trip Cancellation Insurance

Some students may wish to purchase trip cancellation insurance, although the Education Abroad office does not require it. Trip cancellation insurance policies typically cover flight or baggage costs lost due to a trip being cancelled. Please read the policy carefully before purchasing trip cancellation insurance so that you know exactly what is and is not covered.

A few examples of online vendors where trip cancellation policies can be purchased are below.