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Financial Aid

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OU in Arezzo student

Financial Aid for Study Abroad

Financial aid includes any federal or state grant or loan as well as any other scholarships you already receive to pay for tuition, fees, room/board, etc. To apply for scholarships specifically for study abroad, please visit the scholarships page.

Most financial aid applies to approved study abroad programs (which includes any program found in our program search engine). You can find detailed information about how to use financial aid towards study abroad programs on this information sheet (PDF). Please contact Financial Aid Services for any questions related to using financial aid for study abroad.

Things to consider when using financial aid for study abroad:

  • Financial Aid does not apply to every program the same way. Some programs may not be compatible with certain scholarships or aid you already receive. Please check with Financial Aid Services and your Study Abroad Adviser about how your aid applies to your study abroad program.
  • Tuition Waivers do not apply to Partner Provider Programs. National Merit and Oklahoma‚Äôs Promise awards are examples of tuition waivers.
  • There may be additional requirements in order to maintain your financial aid status while studying abroad. Please contact Financial Aid Services and your Study Abroad Adviser if there are any financial aid concerns that arise while studying abroad or preparing to go abroad. 
  • Summer financial aid works differently than semester aid. Please verify that your aid or scholarships apply to summer courses. Be sure that you understand any enrollment requirements or course restrictions related to your specific financial aid awards.

Flat-Rate Tuition

Students on semester or academic year study abroad programs with OU tuition/fees will be charged at the normal Resident or Non-Resident flat-rate. For example, many OU Study Center and Partner University programs are charged OU tuition/fees, while many Partner Provider programs are charged differently. Please see your Study Abroad Adviser for details. Students on a study abroad program may appeal to pay a per-credit-hour rate instead of a flat-rate; please visit the Bursar's website for more information on flat-rate tuition and appeals.

Banked hours may be used for many summer programs with OU tuition. For example, many Faculty-Led programs can utilize banked hours. The Study Abroad Adviser for these programs can help you determine if banked hours apply, and the Bursar's Office can tell you how many hours you have banked for summer.

NOTE: Spring Session programs count as part of the Spring semester, and so do not use banked hours. Instead, tuition for these programs will be included in your Spring semester flat-rate.

For more information visit the OU Flat-Rate Tuition website.