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Teach Abroad

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Teach Abroad

OU in Arezzo classroom visitor

OU faculty and staff can teach abroad by leading a faculty-led program, by teaching during the semester at our international study centers in Arezzo (Italy) or Puebla (Mexico), or through a limited number of teaching opportunities at a partner university.



Teach Abroad for a Semester

Faculty can teach at OU in Arezzo and OU in Puebla for 4-8 weeks on any number of topics. We prefer that proposed courses be gen ed-designated, and they should be taught in English in most cases. In Puebla, courses can be divided into two sessions if necessary to accommodate research or other commitments in Norman. We can also sometimes pair visiting faculty with local instructors to co-teach or to facilitate research.



Teach Abroad for Spring Break, Winter Session, or Summer

Faculty or Staff can lead programs abroad for the Spring Break session, Winter Session, or for 2 or more weeks in the Summer Session. 

There are many ways to organize a faculty-led program. Some models are listed below. To discuss further or explore other ways to teach abroad, please contact Assistant Director of Operations Kaydee Dyer at

Potential Spring Break, Winter Session, and Summer Session models include:


Stationary study abroad programs are typically based in a single location with minimal day trips or excursions away from that location. This ideal for courses requiring specific physical spaces (e.g. labs) or that have ongoing community interaction as part of the program (e.g. internships or volunteer experiences). These programs may be among the least expensive due to the limited travel inclusions.

Study Tour

Study tour programs are travel-intensive, usually with multiple stops related to a particular theme (e.g. a country/culture survey course, regional variations on a specific element of culture, etc.). These programs are typically more expensive due to the increased cost of travel.

Community Engaged

Programs that focus on community engagement are similar to stationary programs, but they place a strong emphasis on partnering with the local community in some way. These can be one-off programs, but they are more impactful as experiences developed over time. OU currently has community engaged programs in Arezzo, Puebla, and in Gulu, Uganda.

Field Study (research, internships, etc.)

Field study programs contain a strong hands-on experience, such as an internship, medical rotation, or undergraduate research component. These programs are typically smaller in size and may or may not require a faculty or staff member to accompany the full program.

More information on how to propose a faculty-led program is available on our Proposing a Program page.



Teach Abroad at a Partner University

Some of OU’s exchange partner universities offer teaching opportunities for faculty. We will post here when these come to our attention through the partner. If you are interested in teaching abroad through a partner university, please email to let us know you'd like to be notified of opportunities.