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Faculty-Led Programs

OU students with Faculty leader

Faculty-Led Programs

Summer 2024 Programs

Faculty-Led programs are designed so that you can take OU courses with OU professors while traveling around the world with other OU students. These programs have OU tuition and fees, so you can apply tuition waiver scholarships and any applicable financial aid. We offer a variety of long-term and short-term program options. Explore each program brochure for more information, application details, and more. Each program brochure will list the correct advisor to meet with. 

To propose a program for Winter 2024 and Summer 2025, please visit the For Faculty & Staff page.

May Start

Buildings in Puebla
Engineering in Puebla
Buildings in Arezzo
Engineering in Arezzo
Colosseum in Rome
Organic Chemistry in Italy
Castle in Germany
Summer in Germany
Street in Italy
Mediterranean Diet and Culture (Italy)
City of Puebla
Global Perspectives in Mexico
Arezzo Plaza
JRCoE in Arezzo
Rome Architecture
European Focus on Women and Child Health in Italy

June Start

Arezzo landscape
Gaylord in Arezzo
Northern Uganda Collaborative Learning
City of Puebla
Exploring Healthcare in Mexico
Statue of David
Libraries, Museums, and Archives in Italy
Buildings in Italy
Global Business: ACCT/FIN (Italy)
Native Americans & The West in Italy
Gaylord: SPICE (Germany)
City of Arezzo
First Year Leadership and Engagement in Arezzo
Buildings in Italy
Global Issues in Business: Social Media and Marketing (Italy)
Italy Landscapes
Landscapes of Italy
Romans in Umbria Archaeological Field School
Language, Culture and Geopolitics in Taiwan
Buildings in Puebla
Summer Spanish in Puebla

July Start

Politics & Culture in Ghana
Journey to Italy
Social Services Exploration in Puebla
Summer Pre-Health in Puebla
Pizza in Italy
Political Economy of Food and Arts Markets in Italy