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International and Area Studies People


Mohammad Al-Masri

Mohammad Al-Masri, PhD
ConocoPhilips Associate Professor of Arabic Language, Literature and Culture

Emma Colven

Emma Colven, PhD
Assistant Professor of Global Environment

Rebecca Cruise

Rebecca Cruise, PhD
Associate Dean of Student Services
Assistant Professor of Security Studies and Comparative Politics

Fabio De Sa e Silva

Fabio de Sa e Silva, PhD
Assistant Professor of International Studies
Wick Cary Professor of Brazilian Studies

Michelle De Sa e Silva

Michelle Morais de Sa e Silva, PhD
Assistant Professor of International Studies

Scott Fritzen, PhD
Dean, College of International Studies
Associate Provost for Global Engagement
William J. Crowe, Jr. Chair in Geopolitics 
Professor of International and Area Studies

Suzette Grillot

Suzette Grillot, PhD
Professor of International Studies

Miriam Gross

Miriam Gross, PhD
Associate Professor of Modern Chinese and Asian History

Manata Hashemi

Manata Hashemi, PhD
Assistant Professor of Iranian Studies

Eric Heinze

Eric Heinze, PhD
Professor and Department Chair
Max and Heidi Berry Chair of International Studies


Jill Irvine

Jill Irvine, PhD
Presidential Professor of International and Area Studies

Alexander Jabbari

Alexander Jabbari, PhD
Farzaneh Family Assistant Professor of Persian Language and Literature

Amel Khalfaoui

Amel Khalfaoui, PhD
Assistant Professor of Arabic Language and Linguistics

Bo Kong

Bo Kong, PhD
ConocoPhillips Associate Professor of Chinese and Asian Studies

Joshua Landis

Joshua Landis, PhD
Sandra Mackey Chair in Middle East Studies
Professor of Middle Eastern History

Natalie Letsa

Natalie Letsa, PhD
Wick Cary Assistant Professor of Political Economy

Waleed Mahdi

Waleed Mahdi, PhD
Assistant Professor of US-Arab Cultural Politics

Afshin Marashi

Afshin Marashi, PhD
Farzaneh Family Chair of Iranian Studies
Professor of Middle Eastern History (Iran)

Mark Raymond

Mark Raymond, PhD
Wick Cary Associate Professor of International Security

Aqil Shah

Aqil Shah, PhD
Associate Professor of South Asian Studies

Samer Shehata

Samer Shehata, PhD
Associate Professor of Middle East Studies

Mitchell Smith

Mitchell P. Smith, PhD
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Professor of International Political Economy and Europe

Jonathan Stalling

Jonathan Stalling, PhD
Harold J. and Ruth Newman Chair in US-China Issues
Professor of International Studies

Adjunct Faculty

Affiliate Faculty

The Department of International and Area Studies (CIS) promotes the internationalization of academic activities at OU. We accomplish this through our degree programs and through activities in the various area studies programs. CIS has a unique structure on campus. We are comprised of 20 faculty, many of whom are on joint-appointments. These appointments are spread across the campus in eight different departments and four different colleges. At the core of our academic programs are a BA and MA in International and Area Studies. At this moment we have approximately 320 students in the BA program and 15 in the MA. These students follow an interdisciplinary curriculum that concentrates on language competence, study abroad, and fosters familiarity with the history, culture and social structures of a specific world region. Our major regions of focus are Asia, Europe, Latin America, Russia and East Europe, and International Studies. Also, we have minor programs in International, Middle Eastern, African, Asian, European, Latin American and Russian and East European Studies.

The affiliate faculty have a continuing relationship with CIS and our degree programs. Affiliate faculty are full-time, tenure track faculty on the Norman campus whose teaching and/or research or creative activity is substantially concerned with the societies, culture, or environments of foreign countries or with relations between countries or regions of the world. Affiliate faculty are approved for a five-year renewable term by the current faculty of the CIS.

Affiliate Faculty List

Beth Young

Beth Young

Assistant to the Chair
Phone: 405.325.7520


Stephanie Sager

Stephanie Sager

Program Assistant and Event Coordinator
Phone: 405.325.1584


Malin Collins

Malin Collins

Academic Advisor
Phone: 405.325.4547

Katie Watkins

Katie Watkins

Academic Advisor
Phone: 405.325.2337

Area Coordinators

African Studies
Andreana Prichard, PhD
Wick Cary Assistant Professor
Honors, History
Boren Hall, Room 151
Phone: (405) 325-7412

Asian Studies
Bo Kong, PhD
ConocoPhillips Petroleum Professor of Chinese and Asian Studies
Assistant Professor
Dept. of International and Area Studies
Farzaneh Hall, Room 205

European Studies
Mitchell P. Smith, PhD
Professor and Chair of International and Area Studies
Farzaneh Hall, Room 306
Phone: (405) 325-6681 

Russian and East European Studies
Rebecca Cruise, PhD
Assistant Professor
Assiociate Dean of Student Services
Farzaneh Hall, Room 118
Phone: (405) 325-1095

International Studies

Eric Heinze, PhD
Professor and Department Chair, IAS
Max and Heidi Berry Chair of International Studies
Farzaneh Hall, Room 310
Phone: (405) 325-5802

International Security Studies
Suzette Grillot, PhD
Professor, IAS
Farzaneh Hall, Room 227
Phone: (405) 325-6003

Latin American Studies
Charles Kenney, PhD
Associate Professor of Political Science
Dale Hall Tower, Room 205
Phone: 405-325-2061

Middle Eastern Studies
Samer Shehata, PhD
Associate Professor of International and Area Studies
Farzaneh Hall, Room 328
Phone: (405) 325-1584  

Abigail Agosta

Graduate Assistant

Kinsey Baltzell

Hometown: Allen, Texas
International Experience: Paris, France
Research Interest: Diplomacy and foreign policy

Micaela Chamon

BA University of Arkansas, International/Global Studies, Political Science, and French with a minor in Latin American Studies
Hometown: La Paz, Bolivia
International Experience: Lyon, France and Budapest, Hungary
Research Interest: Global Economics and Development


Meagan Harden

Graduate Assistant

Julia Harth


Moriah Hayes

Graduate Assistant
BA University of Oklahoma, International Security Studies
Hometown: Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
International Experience: Peru, Colombia, and Universidad San Francisco in Quito, Ecuador
Research interest: Economics and development

Tasden Ingram

Graduate Assistant
BA University of Oklahoma/ International Studies with minors in European Studies and French
Hometown: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
International Experience: Clermont-Ferrand, France
Research Interests: Global security and US foreign policy

Britt Leake


Kitty O'Neal

BA Smith College, American Studies
Hometown: Collinsville, Oklahoma
International Experience: Gimpo, Geoje-do, and Seoul, South Korea
Research Interests: Unification studies, diplomacy and foreign policy analysis

Caleigh Penn

Hometown: Olathe, Kansas
International Experience: Oxford, England
Research Interest: International human rights law

Ethan Waggoner

BA University of Oklahoma/ Political Science with a minor in History
Hometown: Noble, Oklahoma
Research Interests: Security studies and US foreign policy