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Emma Colven

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Emma Colven

Emma Colven

Assistant Professor of Global Environment
Farzaneh Hall, Room 317

Emma Colven is Assistant Professor of Global Environment. As a geographer and political ecologist, her research explores themes of socio-ecological change, environmental expertise, and environmental politics in cities of the global South. Drawing on postcolonial urban theory, her research is motivated by the goal of producing a deeper understanding of urban political ecologies from a Southern perspective. Her dissertation research closely traced the promotion, circulation and contestation of Jakarta’s planned Great Garuda Sea Wall, a USD$40 billion Dutch-designed flood defense project. Through her research and engagement with her students, she seeks to bring issues of social and environmental justice to the fore, and to contribute a geographical perspective on the environmental challenges of our time.

Emma received her Ph.D. in Geography from University of California, Los Angeles in 2018. I hold a BA in Geography from University College London and MA in Cities from King's College London. She is a contributing author to the Situated Urban Political Ecology Collective and 'node' within the POLLEN Political Ecology Network.

Recent Publications

Leitner, H., Webber, S., Sheppard, E., and Colven, E. (2018). “Globalizing Urban Resilience” Urban Geography.

Colven, E. (2017). “Understanding the Allure of Big Infrastructure: Jakarta’s Great Garuda Sea Wall Project.” Water Alternatives 10(2) 250 – 264.