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The requirements for the dual JD/MAIS degree are identical to the Department of International and Area Studies MAIS requirements, with two exceptions:  Candidates must choose the Global Studies option and instead of taking 9 credit hours of elective courses as normally required, the candidate will take 3 courses from a list of international law courses.

Persons interested in pursuing the dual JD/MAIS program must make regular application for admission to and be accepted by both the College of Law and the Graduate College and applicants should apply to MAIS during their second semester of the first year of the JD program.

MAIS Application Procedures


  • IAS 5113 Field Seminar in International Studies
  • IAS 5503 Theory and Practice of International Politics
  • IAS 5053 Global History
  • IAS 5523 Global Political Economy

3 Hours of research tools and methods.  Chose one from the following:

  • BAD 5033 Statistical Modeling for Decision-Making
  • ECON 5023 Statistics for Decision-Making
  • PSC 5913 Into to the Analysis of Political and Adminstrative Data
  • SOC 5283 Advanced Sociological Statistics
  • GEOG 5453 Geographic Information Systems
  • Advanced foreign language

CONCENTRATIONS (choose 9 hours in one of the following concentrations)

Global Economics and Development

  • Courses include: ANTH5303 Women and Development in Africa, BAD5512 Global Economics, IAS5273 Survey of International Economics, ECON5613 International Econoimcs (Trade), ECON5633 International Economics (Finance), ECON5853 World Economic Development, IAS5323 Political Economy of Development, PSC 5563 International Political Economy, PSC5573 Political Economy of Emerging Nations, PAS5673 Comparative Political Economy, SOC5943 Inequality in a Global Perspective, ECONG4713 Latin American Economic Development

Global Security Studies

  • Courses include: IAS 5043 Global Security, IAS 5223 European Security, IAS 5940 Arab-Israeli Conflict, PSC 5553 International Security, IAS 5033 International Human Rights, IAS 5013 International Law, IAS 5003 U.S. Foreign Relations, PSC 5523 Morality and Foreign Policy, PSC 5543 International Organizations and Regimes, PSC 5623 International Terrorism, PSC 5653 Low Intensity Conflict

INTERNATIONAL LAW COURSES (3 courses from the following list)

  • LAW 6000 European Union Law, LAW 6000 Comparative Law, LAW 6000 US Foreign Relations Law, LAW 6000 International Criminal Courts, LAW 6000 International Environmental Climate Change, LAW 6040 International Business Transactions, LAW 6000 International Criminal Law, LAW 6000 International Environmental Law, LAW 6050 International Human Rights, LAW 6700 International Intellectual Property Seminar, LAW 6552 International Petroleum Transactions, LAW 6000 International Trade Law, LAW 6060 International Law Foundations

RESEARCH AND PRACTICUM (3 hours.  Choose one of the following options.)

To qualify for the juris doctor degree, a student must:

  • Successfully complete all required courses;
  • Successfully complete one rigorous writing course during the second or third year of law study under the direct supervision of a faculty member;
  • Successfully complete additional work sufficient to total 90 semester hours;
  • Attain a cumulative grade point average of at least a 4.00 (C minus) in all work taken in the College of Law and a grade of C on all work taken at other approved law schools;
  • Complete the last academic year (30 hours) in residence in the College of Law;
  • Complete all degree requirements within seven years of initial enrollment;
  • File an official Application for Graduation.
  • The student is responsible for ascertaining whether these requirements are fulfilled.


Click here to see course descriptions.

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