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OU Master of Arts in International Studies. Enhance your Global Fluency. (The University of Oklahoma College of International Studies)

Master of Arts in International Studies

Why MAIS at OU?

  • Study in small, seminar-style courses with a wide range of expert faculty members
  • Acquire the tools to engage a globally integrated environment
  • Prepare for a career in the realm of diplomacy and Foreign Service, nonprofit and non-governmental organizations, think-tanks, research institutes, academia, and more
  • Gain a strong foundation in international politics, foreign policy, and policy analysis
  • Concentrate your coursework in global economics, global security, law and institutions, or area studies
  • Benefit from our collaborative “cohort model,” whereby students admitted the same year take many classes together; engage in group activities, projects, and assignments; and participate in the Global Policy Workshop during final semester
Graduate students in classroom

Contact Us

Mark Raymond, PhD

Wick Cary Associate Professor of International Security
Director of Graduate Studies
Phone: 405-325-3533

Katie Watkins

Academic Counselor for Graduate Students
Phone:  405-325-2337
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The Department of International & Area Studies is offering a new Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion fellowship for MAIS applicants.

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Alumni Perspectives

Ore-Oluwa Runsewe

Ore-Oluwa Runsewe '21

Program Specialist, Rockefeller Institute for Policy Research and Public Affairs, West Virginia University

"My cohort was a melting pot of different backgrounds and nationalities, usually sharing their perspectives on international studies. They allowed me, an international student from Nigeria, to adapt quickly. Most of us have remained friends after the program. I also need to mention the professors who showed us how to expand our worldview to recognize the nuances in international studies and their relevance and links to policymaking in the United States. The knowledge I gained from those nuances has served me well in my current role."

Julia Harth

Julia Harth '20

Graduate teaching associate and doctoral student in Arts Administration, Education and Policy, Ohio State University

"One of the aspects I value most about the MAIS program was the support I received to pursue opportunities that excited me, even when they didn’t follow a traditional path. With the help of my advisor, Katie Watkins, I was able to incorporate programs in Israel, Mexico, and Spain, classes across campus, and multiple internships at art museums into my plan of study. The flexibility and encouragement to engage in interdisciplinary learning experiences was formative in terms of my perspectives, scholarship and professional trajectory."

Tasden Ingram

Tasden Ingram '20

Analyst, Analytic Services (ANSER) 

"One of the major benefits during my time at OU was the faculty. Their professionalism, experience with government and international organizations, research backgrounds, and willingness to speak with me about my ambitions had a significant impact on where I am today. As a young adult or recent graduate, entering the workforce no matter the job or company is intimidating. I received continuous support from the faculty at MAIS which encouraged me to pursue a career in government that's often unfamiliar to college students."

Sarah Jane Short '18

International Relations and Foreign Direct Investment Coordinator, Oklahoma Department of Commerce

"My role requires knowledge of the international system, diplomacy, and the functions related to global economics and trade. These were all key points of education in the MAIS program at OU, and I use what I learned in these courses every day. Perhaps most importantly, the research skills I developed in the program have been particularly invaluable because global relations and international commerce is so particular to every circumstance, and always changing."

Karina Legradi

Karina Legradi '18

School Manager, Greater Grace International School, Budapest

"Through the MAIS program, I was able to strengthen my critical thinking and writing skills, learn from first-rate faculty, and develop a cultural awareness and global perspective that have proven invaluable for obtaining internationally-oriented careers like mine. Upon graduation, I worked for an international healthcare nonprofit organization with the marketing team. After two years, I moved to Budapest, Hungary and began my career as the School Manager at an international K-12 school. My economics concentration from the MAIS program has served me well both in my nonprofit work and in my current career as an international education administrator."

Stefanie Neumaier

Stefanie Neumeier '17

PhD candidate in Political Science and International Relations, University of Southern California

"What stands out most during my time in the MAIS program was the unparalleled support and mentorship from faculty and staff. . . . I was encouraged to pursue the research that I was interested in and was mentored through the process of doing field research in Germany, writing an entire master's thesis, and applying and presenting my research at academic conferences. In addition, the quality and standards of the MAIS coursework prepared me well for transitioning into a PhD program. I was able to become a well-rounded researcher given the multi-disciplinary nature of the MAIS."  Read more

Collin Douglas

Collin Douglas '17

J.D. Candidate / 2L, University of Georgia School of Law

"My time in the MAIS program was pivotal for me because it gave me an opportunity to hone in on the issues and kinds of work I really enjoyed. Courses like Professor Raymond's International Relations Theory class and Professor Heinze's International Law class gave me an up-close look at how international relations and international law are used in the real world. TA-ing was very beneficial to me not only because I made great friends, but also because it made me engage deeper with the material in order to effectively lead class discussions. My thesis work is probably what best prepared me for my career, because it helped me be able to articulate arguments, synthesize lots of research and data, and manage my time to create an acceptable end-product. All of these skills and experiences have benefitted me in, and directly translated to, my time working in politics after I graduated and while in law school. The most valuable skill in any kind of work is to be prepared enough to have an opinion, or to give a helpful insight, and the MAIS program contributed greatly to this skill."

Brad Crofford

Brad Crofford '15

Analyst, U.S. Government Accountability Office

"The MA in International Studies at OU provided me a multi-disciplinary framework to understand and engage a world where complex problems—and complex solutions—rarely fit neatly in any one discipline. I had the opportunity to hear renowned speakers from the academic and the policy worlds, publish articles in student journals, complete internships in Washington, D.C. and Oklahoma, and participate in a variety of student organizations. The critical thinking, multi-disciplinary mindset, and global fluency that the MAIS hones has served me well in every role I have held since graduation, including in the private sector, the non-profit sector, and government."