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Graduate Admissions

Please note that applications to the MAIS program are considered for fall admission only. The deadline for applications for fall admission to the MAIS Program is February 25. For Application information on the BA/MA program, click here.

Application Process

  • You may apply to the MAIS Program by clicking on the bottom of this page and following the instructions and providing the requested information at each prompt. 
  • You will need the following information/items to apply to the MAIS program:
    • Names and email addresses of at least 3 references (They will be contacted and requested to submit a letter on your behalf).
    • Statement of purpose (approx. 750-1000 word statement explaining why you wish to pursue graduate studies in the MAIS program)
    • GRE scores (optional. If applicants have already completed the GRE, the graduate admissions committee request that you submit with your application. If you have not completed or submitted GRE scores, you will not be at a disadvantage in our review of applications.)
    • TOEFL scores (if applicable. Self-report unofficial scores and arrange to have official scores sent to us. Scores must be fewer than 2 years old).
    • Official transcripts 
    • Resume or CV (You may either upload a document or fill out the form in the application).

When you apply, please make sure to indicate one of the following majors and concentrations:

Area Studies

  • Global Economics and Development
  • Global Security Studies


Global Studies

  • Global Economics and Development
  • Global Security Studies

Academic Standards and Additional Requirements

All applicants are evaluated by members of the Graduate Studies Committee on the basis of undergraduate grade point average, the written statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, and scores on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Applicants are expected to have a bachelor's degree in a field that provides a foundation for graduate study in global or area studies; the ability to speak and write in one language other than English (as evidenced by undergraduate language coursework or foreign language proficiency exams); and must have spent significant time abroad (such as in a study abroad program, working/living abroad, or military service).

Note to those students applying for Unclassified Student Status:

Applications for Unclassified Student Status are considered on an exceptions basis only and are not part of our normal admissions process. We consider this an option for those applicants interested in the MAIS program who, through no fault of their own, either missed the application deadline or did not take the GRE in time. If you wish to be considered for this status, you must fill out the application as instructed above and make sure you indicate you are applying for Unclassified Status. Students admitted as Unclassified Students are expected to submit thei complete application to the program during the next admissions cycle and are not guaranteed admission.