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International Studies

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Bachelor of Arts in International and Area Studies Major Area: International Studies

The International Studies major allows students to gain a global perspective on world affairs. Through an interdisciplinary curriculum that focuses on world history, international relations and international economics, students learn how the international system operates and prepare themselves for careers in foreign affairs or international business, for advanced training in international law or business. Like the area studies programs, the international studies program requires strong understanding of a foreign language and a period of study or work abroad. Students may also combine International Studies with a minor in one of the Area Studies programs.

To complete the International Studies program, students may select courses that cross a number of world regions. Other courses may be substituted, but only with the approval of the program coordinator.

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Course Selections

Minor in International Studies

Students must successfully complete at least 15 hours of courses acceptable for major credit in International Studies, including at least 9 hours at the upper-division level. Click here to download the minor check sheet to learn more about the specific requirements.

Course Selections