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International Student Speakers Bureau (ISSB)

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International Student Speakers Bureau

The International Student Speakers Bureau (ISSB) is an OU program through which international students and scholars volunteer to speak and share their knowledge and thoughts about their home countries. The goal of the program is to promote global awareness in local schools and area community groups. The audiences often learn that although someone may have a different culture, they still have many of the same interests and concerns. Whatever the similarities or differences, ISSB brings international students and Oklahomans together to explore each other’s culture. This helps break down stereotypes and creates a greater global awareness and acceptance.

The international student speakers are able to address a wide range of topics regarding their home countries. The host may request a certain topic to coincide with recent lessons or the speakers can talk to students about interesting cultural similarities and differences. Speakers usually give a general cultural presentation, which often includes, but is not limited to, such topics as language differences, festivals, school and childhood in their countries, weddings, dating, food, religion, clothing and native dances. International speakers may also bring artifacts, clothing, musical instruments, pictures, slide shows and videos from their countries to illustrate their presentations.

To join ISSB, e-mail to sign up for a training session.