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For Hosts

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For Hosts

Bring a Speaker to your Group

ISSB tries to build a bridge between your world and the world of our OU international students by setting up opportunities for students to speak for your organization. We do our best to accommodate to your schedule, but some presentations may need to be rescheduled to a more suitable time for the international students, depending on their class schedules.

The average ISSB presentation consists of 30 minutes of formal presentation time and 15 minutes for questions and answers. Our speakers usually like to have a slide show with pictures to present, artifacts to pass around, and sometimes a writing demonstration. Aside from formal presentations, we also participate in cultural fairs and panel discussions. ISSB is flexible and we would love to cater our visit to your specific requests and requirements.

Speaker Availability

ISSB only sends out speakers according to the OU academic schedule. We do not send speakers during short breaks, midterms, dead week, or finals week of each semester. If scheduled in advance it is possible, to plan presentations during the summer, given that there are students still available on campus.

Request a Speaker

To request an ISSB speaker, please fill out this form by clicking here. Once the form is submitted we will be in direct contact with you as soon as possible. We hope to be working with you soon!

Additional Questions

For any further questions or concerns, please email