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For Students

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For Students

Become an ISSB Speaker

  • Must be enrolled at OU
  • 3.0 undergraduate and 3.5 graduate GPA
  • Comfortable with public speaking
  • Able to share your own culture
  • Attend training before presenting

Training usually last between 30 minutes to an hour depending on questions and comments. It can be done in a group or private setting. Group training usually takes place during the second week of each semester. To sign up for a training or to learn more about ISSB, please contact the Office of International Programming at

Group Training

International Programming hosts group training sessions at the beginning of every semester for interested students. This gives the opportunity for students to share ideas with each other as they go through the short training with an ISSB coordinator. Besides group training, we also arrange private training sessions for students who join ISSB throughout the year.

Check back on this website for fall 2017 semester training times.

For more information about training for ISSB email:

Benefits of Joining ISSB

ISSB is a volunteer program that does not give any type of class credit or certification, but it does provide opportunities for you to meet with the greater Oklahoma community. You may have the opportunity to travel to small towns in Oklahoma and other neighboring schools and organizations. This program allows you the opportunity to learn more about Oklahoma and American life, as well as the chance to share you culture with Americans. In addition, some international scholarships and other privileges are reserved just for ISSB students.