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Financial Documentation

Once an exchange student is accepted to the University of Oklahoma, the next step is the processing of the Form DS-2019. This legal document issued by OU certifies your admission into a government-approved program and demonstrates that you have sufficient financial resources to stay in the U.S. for the length on the DS-2019.

The DS-2019 is presented at a US consulate abroad to apply for a J-1 Exchange Visitor visa. It must also be presented to an immigration inspector upon entry into the US. You must keep all DS-2019s issued to you. If you lose your DS-2019, alert the University of Oklahoma International Student Services (OU ISS) office.

Sufficient funding for the Exchange Student Program is determined as the following:

One SemesterTwo Semesters
$7500 US$13,000 US

Acceptable Financial Documentation

To receive a DS-2019, the student must supply a bank statement, a bank letter, school loan documents, or any other type of acceptable financial statement to the Exchange Student Coordinator and International Student Services.*

  • A bank statement in your name
  • A bank statement in your sponsor’s name with Financial Support Letter.
    • If someone other than yourself is supplying the funding documents, you must attach a Financial Support Letter signed by the account owner, stating that you have permission to use these funds for your program.

 All bank statements must show:

  • Bank name logo or bank stamp with bank official's signature
  • Account number (a partial account number is acceptable)
  • Account owner name
  • Statement issue date within the past ninety (90) days
  • Current balance of account

*If you have another type of financial document, please submit the financial documentation as requested. We will review your document and let you know if it is acceptable.

Unacceptable Financial Documentation

The following will not be accepted as financial documentation:

  • Payroll letters from employers
  • Credit card statements
  • Paychecks or pay guarantees 


Submit Financial Documentation for DS-2019