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Independent Directed Reading

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Independent Directed Reading

Independent Directed Reading (IDR) courses provide students with a flexible option to complete the coursework for their degree.

IDRs are meant for students who, due to extenuating circumstances, are unable to enroll in an in-person or online course. Along with the IDR Proposal Form, students should submit documentation or evidence of their extenuating circumstances.

Deadlines to submit a completed IDR Proposal Form:

  • July 31 for FALL semester exams
  • November 30 for SPRING semester exams
  • March 31 for SUMMER semester exams

IDRs are normally approved as Elective courses. However, under extraordinary circumstances, the Director of the MAIR program and the Dean of the Graduate College may approve an IDR as a core or substantive area course. If a student is requesting that an IDR be allowed to count as a core or substantive area course, they must indicate this on the form and provide justification for the request. 

CORE IDRs MUST be an already approved CORE or SUBSTANTIVE area course.

Proposal Process

To be eligible to enroll in an IDR, a student must have completed at least one in-person class in the International Relations program. 

To set up an IDR, a student needs to contact and work with the professor who teaches the course that the student is interesting in studying. Students are encouraged to consult the PACS’s Schedule and Syllabi information for professors who teach in the MAIR program.

  1. Once a student has determined what course they are interested in and the professor who teaches that course, the student should reach out directly to the professor to check his/her availability.
  2. If the professor agrees to work with the student, the student should complete and submit the IDR Proposal Form. A copy of the professor’s approval email and the completed proposal form should be sent to Jennifer Rowley in the MAIR program at
  3. Once the IDR Proposal form is received by the MAIR office, it will be sent to the proposed instructor for approval.
  4. Once approval is obtained, the student will be notified by e-mail to register for the course with the field coordinator.
  5. IDRs are S/U graded.

Reminder: Students should check their OU email accounts regularly for official correspondence.