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Center for Middle East Studies

Courses available in Middle East Studies


History and Ideas

HIST 2013    Ancient and Near Eastern Civilizations
HIST 2123    The Holocaust
HIST 3113    The Crusades
HIST 3203    Transformation of Jews
HIST 3403    Modern Israel
HIST 3563    Jerusalem
HIST 3683    Jewish Mysticism
HIST 3413    The History of Ancient Israel
HIST 3453    Science & Civilization in Islam
HIST 3943    Muslim Societies in Africa
HIST 3950    Religion/Minorities in Israel
HISt 3950     Debating Israel's History
HIST 3953    The Modern Middle East
HIST 3963    Rebirth of Israel
HIST 3973    Judaism – A Religious History
HIST 3983    Medieval Jewish History
HIST 3993    Evolution of Martyrdom in the Judeo-Christian Civilization
IAS   2413    Islam
IAS   3483    Shi'a Islam in the Middle East
RELS 3563    Islamic Theology

Politics and Society

IAS 3003     Sexuality/Ident Islamic World
IAS 3003     State and Society/Pakistan
IAS 3202     Middle East Since WWI
IAS 3223     Modern Iran: 1500-Present
IAS 3233     Nationalism & the Middle East
IAS 3273     Egyptian Politics & Society
IAS 3293     Iran Since 1979
IAS 3503     US & Middle East, 1800-present
IAS 3663     Comp Politics-Middle East
IAS 3403     US-Iran Relations
IAS 3423     Politics & Society in Iraq
IAS 3433     International Relations of the Middle East
IAS 3443     Political Islam
IAS 3463     Arab Culture/Social Modern Fiction
IAS 3473     The Arab-Isreali Conflict
IAS 3493     Iran Since 1979: Politics
PSC 3663     Politics of the Middle East
IAS 3683      Poverty/Inequality-Middle East
IAS 3753      Youth Culture in Cont Iran
IAS 3763      Women & Gender-Middle East
RELS 2013    Intro to Religious Traditions (Mid East topic)
RELS 2503    Intro to Islam – Interpreting Muslim voices
RELS 2903    Introductory Topics in the Judaic Traditions
RELS 2923    Introductory Topics in the Islamic Traditions
RELS 3543    Islamic Law
RELS 3903    Topics in the Judaic Tradition
RELS 3923    Topics in the Islamic Tradition
ECON 4733   Econ Development in Middle East

Arts and Culture

A HI 3263      Byzantine Art & Architecture
A HI 4273      Byzantine Icons
ARCH 4183    Survey of Middle Eastern Architecture
ARCH 4183    Middle Easter Arch
ARCH 4283    Persian Architecture
FMS  3843     Turkish Cinema/Iranian Cinema
HIST 3893     Culture and Societies in the Middle East
HIST 3313     Israeli Culture through Film
HSCI 3453     Science and Civilization in Islam
IAS 3393       Iranian Society through Cinema
IAS 3783       US-Arab Cultural Encounters
IAS/MLLL 3463  Arab Culture/Soc Mod Fiction
MLLL 1073    Hebrew Bible as Literature
MLLL 3413     Arabic Literature and Culture
MLLL 3063     Survey of Jewish Literature from Antiquity to the Present
MLLL 3073     The Hebrew Bible as Literature
MLLL3423      Western Visions of the East
MLLL 3433     The World of the Arabian Nights
MLLL 3613     Arab Culture and Society Through Modern Fiction
MUNM 3113   Introduction to World Music
MUNM 3613   Middle Eastern Music
RELS 3533     The Qur’an