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Diplomacy Lab

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The Diplomacy Lab is a U.S. Department of State program that allows university faculty and students contribute to the policy-making process while also helping the Department of State access an underutilized reservoir of intellectual capital. Students participating in the Diplomacy Lab program work under the guidance of faculty experts to explore real-world challenges and develop innovative responses to those challenges.

The University of Oklahoma is a partner university in the Diplomacy Lab program. Working directly with the Department of State’s Secretary’s Office of Global Partnerships, OU serves as a leading institution among the Diplomacy Lab university participants.

Wonk Tank Winner Presentation

Congratulations to Anthony Rios from the Stevens Institute of Technology for winning this year’s Wonk Tank competition with his pitch “Avocados for Opium”! Click here to watch his video pitch, along with submissions from the other finalists, USC student Stefani Mikov and OU student Christopher Le.