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Prospective Universities

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Prospective Universities

Prospective Universities

The Department of State’s pilot phase for the Diplomacy Lab program was fall 2013 through spring 2015. After successful results, the Department of State has agreed to continue to review new university applicants on a rolling basis.

Who may apply? – Any accredited US higher education institute may apply. One application represents an entire university and cannot be made on behalf of a single school or college within the larger institution. One of the Diplomacy Lab Program’s goals is to encourage interdisciplinary work within higher education institutions.

Who should act as the authorizing official on the application? – The authorizing official should be at an upper-level position and be authorized to commit a university to a Diplomacy Lab partnership.

When is the Memorandum of Understanding signed? – Once a university has been selected to participate in the Diplomacy Lab program, the authorizing official will sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Department of State. The MOU is included in the application. *

* You do not need to sign the MOU when you apply. It is included in the application so that applicants can be familiar with its contents prior to submission of your application.

Who should be designated as the Diplomacy Lab Coordinator on the application? – The Diplomacy Lab Coordinator serves as the administrator of the Diplomacy Lab for a university and the primary point of contact in all matters, including but not limited to: corresponding with faculty and staff, corresponding with the Department of State and maintaining regular contact with all points of contact and partnership support. The Coordinator is often an administrator or faculty member at the participating university.

To apply to become a Diplomacy Lab Partner, click here to apply on the Department of State’s website.