ARCH 4443 Slides For the Final Review

Contemporary Architecture & The Modern Aesthetic & The Architecture of Almost Nothing

Villa Savoye, Poissy-sur-Seine, France (1930),
Le Corbusier & Pierre Jeanneret

Kaufmann Residence, "Fallingwater", Bear Run, PA (1936-7), FL Wright

Sibbett House, San Frncisco, CA (1941), Wm. W. Wurster

Hollins House, Pasatiemp, CA (1931), Wm. W. Wurster

Philip Johnson House, New Canaan, CT (1949), Philip Johnson

Kings Road House, West Hollywood, CA (1921-22),
Rudolph Schindler

Lovell Beach House, Newport Beach, CA (1926),
Rudolph Schindler

Fellowship Park House, Los Angeles, CA (1935),
Harwell Hamilton Harris

Weston Havens House, Berkeley, CA (1939-40),
Harwell Hamilton Harris

Peter Kerr House, Gerhart, OR (1944), Pietro Belluschi

Watzek House, Portland OR (c. 1940), John Yeon

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