IS Infrastructure/E-Business Architecture

MIS 3363/5203 SUMMER 2004

Undergraduate Syllabus (Summer 2004)

Graduate Syllabus (Summer 2004)

Book Schedule (Through Quiz 1)

Undergraduate Grades

Graduate Grades

WEEK 1 ************************


Tuesday 6/29/04

Course Overview

Guidelines for writing a resume

Chapter 4, Computer CPU Processing

ASSIGNMENT: Resume, due Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Wednesday, 6/30/04


Busses and Internal Communications

Chapter 5, Internal and External Memory

Computerworld, 6/29/04:Intel moves toward 64-bit; analysts unsure apps will soon follow

Thursday, 7/1/04/font>

MINI-TEST 1. Chapter 3, Data Representations & Chapter 11, Operating Systems

Chapter 3, Data Representation and Processing

Chapter 11, Basics of Operating Systems

WEEK 2 ************************


Tuesday, 7/6/04

Introduction to Communication

Wednesday, 7/07/04

MINI-TEST 2. Chapter 9, Computer Networks

LAN's and LAN Technology (Ref Chapters 8 and 9)

Campus Area Networking

Thursday, 7/08/04

Mini-Test 3. Chapter 13, Internet and Distributed Application Services

WEEK 3 ************************

Monday, 7/12/04

Quiz 1. Classroom material through 7/09.

Sample Quiz 1 with key (from Fall 1998).

Infrastructure Design and Management

Tuesday, 7/13/04

Network Operations

Wednesday, 7/14/04

Information Systems in the Organization

Strategic Alignment

Datamation: Critical Issues in Enterprise Management

Thursday, 7/15/04

MINI QUIZ 4: chapter 14, System Administration

Datamation: Report: CIOs Must Sit at Management's Table & Study Shows Best IT Does More with Less

Datamation: Technology Issue: VoWLAN

WEEK 4 ************************

Monday, 7/19/04

Mini Quiz 5 Network Design Manual: Infrastructure: Building e-commerce

Network Design Manual: Contents

Tuesday, 7/20/04

Managing the Infrastructure

Fundametnal IT Applications

Wednesday, 7/21/04

IT Security

Mini Quiz 6 Network Design Manual: Security: Cryptography

Network Design Manual Contents

Thursday, 7/22/04

Sarbanes Oxley Issues

IT Auditing

Knowledge Management

WEEK 5 ************************

Monday, 7/26/04

Managing IT Personnel

Web Services

Tuesday, 7/27/04


Sample Exam with key (Fall 1998)

*****************Old Material**************************************

Virtual Private Networks - Presentation

Network Security (Firewalls) - Presentation

Web Development Tools - Presentation

Outsourcing - Presentation

Outsourcing e-mail spreadsheet

PC costs spreadsheet

Quiz 2

Sample Quiz 2 with key (Fall 1998)

Mini Quiz 4 Network Design Manual: Network & Systems Management: The Systems Management Dimension