Lesson 5 WEB STUDY Distance Learning on the World Wide Web
            Internet Navigator Version 4+

How to Create Bookmarks

1.  Go to the page you want to bookmark.

2.  Click Bookmarks.

3.  Choose Add Bookmarks.

The name of the currently displayed page is added as the last item in the Bookmark Menu.  Additional information on the site is available by clicking the left arrow at the upper right hand of the screen, and can be hidden by clicking the right arrow.

Adding Bookmarks with the Page Proxy Icon

1.  Navigate to the page you want to bookmark.

2.  Drag the page proxy icon on top of the Bookmarks button.  The bookmarks button will appear, but don't let go of the mouse button.
  Page Proxy Icon

3.  Determine which folder you want to put the location in.

4.  Release the mouse button.

Adding Bookmarks Manually.

This allows you to add a bookmark, whose  URL address you already know, without navigating to the page.

1.  Open the Bookmarks window by clicking Communicator then Bookmarks and selecting Edit Bookmarks (or click the Bookmarks on the Location toolbar and select Edit Bookmarks).

2.  Choose the folder you want to add a Bookmark to.

3.  Click File and select New Bookmark and the dialog box will appear.


4.  Fill in the name you want to appear in the bookmarks menu, the URL address and any description you want to include.

5.  Click OK.

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