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Clean and Green

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Clean and Green

We want to keep you updated on how the University of Oklahoma Facilities Management team is helping to protect the OU community by keeping our facilities clean and safe. Our custodial staff and specialized contractors have worked around the clock to disinfect campus buildings and daily cleaning protocols have also been enhanced in response to COVID-19.

Increased Regular Daily Cleaning Across the University

  • Restrooms
  • Classrooms and Learning Spaces
  • Labs
  • Offices
  • Public Areas

Clean and Green

Electrostatic Cleaning Across the University

Electrostatic sprayer devices atomize and induce disinfectants or other cleaning agents with electrons. As the disinfectant is released from the sprayer, the charged particles cling to surfaces. This is especially helpful for cleaning and disinfecting hard-to-reach areas. The charged spray evenly coats and envelops surfaces 360 degrees, even if it is only sprayed from one side.

  • All campuses received extensive electrostatic cleaning during spring break. 
  • Buildings and spaces not in use were closed after the cleaning to prevent contamination. 
  • HSC and OU-Tulsa campuses have received continuous treatments in clinics and high-occupancy areas. 
  • Nine commercial electrostatic sprayers have been purchased to serve all three campuses.
  • Classrooms, restrooms, and elevators will receive weekly treatments on all campuses. 
  • Clinics will be treated weekly at HSC and OU-Tulsa. 
  • Residential common spaces and community bathrooms will be treated weekly on the Norman campus.

Residence Halls

  • Touchpoints in common bathrooms, laundry areas, lounges, hallways, entrances, offices, storm shelters, trash rooms, kitchenettes, stairs, and elevators will be disinfected daily. 
  • Residential common spaces and community bathrooms will receive electrostatic cleaning weekly.
  • Manual faucets and toilets in common areas and community bathrooms will be upgraded to touchless fixtures.
  • Housekeeping staff will provide additional daily hand-cleaning and disinfecting with handheld electrostatic devices as needed.
  • In room air purification systems are being considered as solutions to kill viruses and mold in residence halls. These devices have proven effective in killing viruses, bacteria, and fungi in the air and on all surfaces in contact with the air.


  • 2,890 manual bathroom fixtures across all campuses will be replaced with touchless, motion sensor fixtures. 
  • The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers recommends the use of MERV13 filters to mitigate airborne exposure. Many OU facilities currently use MERV8 filters that will need to be upgraded.


  • Additional custodial teams and bus drivers will be required in order to increase cleaning efforts and increase social distancing on buses.

Green: Responsible Consumption

  • While the priority is safety, it is important to be sustainable in processes and consumption of resources where possible.
  • Facilities Management will transition all three campuses to environmentally preferred paper towels, toilet paper, and cleaning agents such as glass and floor cleaner that are not part of coronavirus disinfecting protocols, and modify HVAC operating times for unoccupied spaces on the Norman and HSC campuses to reduce energy consumption and prolong equipment life.
  • Additional campus-specific initiatives will be pursued such as retrofitting incandescent light fixtures to energy-saving LED fixtures on the Tulsa and HSC campuses.

For additional information regarding campus sustainability, visit