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Call for Papers

ou journal of museum studies College of Professional and Continuing Studies
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CLS Journal of Museum Studies

Call for Papers

The new CLS Journal of Museum Studies is intended initially for faculty and students in the Museum Studies Program of the College of Liberal Studies of the University of Oklahoma. Thus at the present time publication in the journal is not open to people outside the CLS Museum Studies Program. As the journal develops, it may become available for people associated with the many museums and collections of the University of Oklahoma and may ultimately be available to other museum professionals.

Contribution Guidelines

Instructions for Authors
The file should be saved as an MS Word document without additional document formatting and submitted electronically to the editor, Dr. Michael A. Mares ( Please provide mailing addresses (including street address, telephone, fax, and e-mail) as well as title and institutional affiliation for each author. Manuscripts submitted to the CLS Journal of Museum Studies should not be under consideration by any other publishers or have been published elsewhere.

Manuscript preparation, styles, and format:

  • Headers and footers in the manuscript file should be limited to page numbers only. Number every page sequentially from 1 through the last page, including literature cited, endnotes, appendices, and figure legends.
  • Use one-inch margins on all sides.
  • Do not right justify your margins, left justify only. Everything should be double spaced.
  • Do not change font sizes (use 12-point font throughout) or styles in the manuscript. Garamond is the preferred font.
  • Endnotes are acceptable, but not footnotes. Please place all endnotes at the end of the article after the literature cited and before any appendices.
  • Please use the automatic endnote, numbering, or bullet list utilities in your word-processing program.
  • Any images, tables, figures, or other graphics that accompany the manuscript should be saved separately, one graphic each, as individual additional files, and sent as attachments to your e-mail message.
  • Digital images should be saved as TIFF files. Photographs should be saved at 600 dpi with a final image size of approximately 4 X 5 inches. Other artwork should be saved at no less than 600 dpi and preferably at 800 dpi.
  • Short captions should be included for each figure or table, along with appropriate credits. It is the authors' responsibility to obtain necessary permission for use of copyrighted material and to be certain that all material included in the article is original or properly cited.
  • Do not embed graphic elements, images, or figures in the main body of the text. Simply indicate their approximate placement in the text (i.e., "place Figure 1 about here").
  • Please use "A" headers as necessary to indicate the sections of your manuscript. To further aid the reader and to make the manuscript's organization apparent, each section can be further divided into subsections by "B" subheads and "C" subheads as necessary. Please refer to the journal Curator for styles of the headers and for examples of how they are used to hierarchically organize the manuscript.
  • Endnotes, and appendices should follow the body of the article.
  • In-text literature citations should be handled as endnotes.
  • Follow the standards in the Chicago Manual of Style(author date) for Literature Cited. The Literature Cited should be sent as a separate document from the text. Web citations should be given as below. Examples follow here:

Alvarez, L.W., W. Alvarez, F. Asaro, and H.V. Michel. 1980. Extraterrestrial cause for the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction. Science 208:1095-1108.

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Easley, D. H. 2002. The death of the dinosaurs: UNO Department of Geology’s contribution.