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Devon Energy Hall

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Devon Energy Hall

Devon Energy Hall has been designed from the ground up as a collaborative learning environment. The classrooms, team rooms, teaching labs and flexible research space will enable the College to continue to implement its redesigned engineering curriculum that places added emphasis on teamwork and leadership. The important learning spaces in Devon will be used in the following ways to foster learning and collaboration.

There will be three types of classrooms in Devon Hall: a Briefing/Seminar Room, a Group Oriented Classroom and a 60-seat Classroom. These classrooms will be designed with flexibility and collaborative learning in mind. An ample amount of marker wall and moveable tables will allow for team or individual learning in each classroom.

Devon Energy Hall on Boyd Street

Floors two through four have incorporated flexible research space into each of their layouts. This space will allow for students and faculty to collaborate on several different research projects within the same space. As required, modular break-out rooms will allow for privacy and security on research projects. The faculty/principal investigators' offices are arranged around the perimeter of this research space, with one door opening into the open laboratory and one door opening onto the public corridor. Students will be able to readily visit and access professors without having to go through the labs.

A computer science teaching lab and a digital design lab will be located on the first floor. There will be windows all along the south wall of these labs allowing students passing through the atrium to see the activity within. The teaching labs in Devon Energy Hall will be equipped with moveable tables and sufficient storage space for both equipment and student projects.

Designed to encourage team work, these rooms will be provided in two different sizes. The small team room will provide access for four to five students at a time, while the large team room is designed for ten students. These rooms will be available for students and faculty to schedule out as needed. The team rooms in Devon will emphasize the importance of student and faculty interaction through their location along the main corridors on each of the floors. Students and faculty passing by will be able to view work that they might not get to see otherwise; the hope is that this will allow for collaboration between the different engineering disciplines.

Floors two, three and four will have a Forum Room that serves as a space for students, faculty and researchers from all engineering disciplines to meet and exchange ideas in a cross disciplinary setting. The multi-purpose rooms will serve as lounge, study and seminar space and provide a cross roads for academic exchange of ideas--places where our student will learn to think, to communicate and to lead.

The open atrium on the first floor will provide space for students to gather for informal study sessions or simply to interact with each other in a comfortable setting. The building will also have open study spaces at the landing of each floor, providing comfortable spaces for students to gather before or after classes.

An outdoor terrace on the fifth floor provides an area for college-wide events and collaboration between the engineering schools. Louvers will provide protection from the weather, while decorative pavers provide a weather resistant ground surface.

Model Shop and IT Call Center

Admin Offices for Computer Science and Electrical and Computing Engineering Conference Room, Team Room, Classrooms, Digital Design Lab, Teaching Lab Student/Faculty/Staff Lounge Public Areas

Faculty Offices, Open Lab/GA Seating, Group-Orientated Classroom, Forum Room, Team Rooms and Study Spaces

Faculty Offices, Open Lab/GA Seating, Large and Small Lab Modules, Forum Room, Team Rooms and Study Spaces

Faculty Offices, Open Lab/GA Seating, Large and Small Lab Modules, Forum Room, Team Rooms, and Study Spaces

Clean Room, Optical and Solid State Labs, Open Lab/GA Seating, Team Rooms, Technician Workshop/Office and Open Air Terrace