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Honors Engineering Research Experience

In partnership with the Gallogly College of Engineering, OU’s Honors College is pleased to announce an opportunity for Honors students to participate in laboratory research in the Fall semester. This course, the Honors Engineering Research Experience, is open to all Honors College students from all Gallogly College of Engineering majors. The goal of this program is to promote research among the most talented group of undergraduate students and increase awareness of graduate degrees.

If you’re chosen after a competitive application process, you will be partnered with a professor with whom you will participate in active laboratory research.  What’s more, you’ll receive three hours of credit in both Engineering and Honors for successfully completing the course.

To be considered for enrollment, you must fill out an application. Following the 11:59 p.m., March 20th application deadline, you will be contacted to interview with professors from the Gallogly College of Engineering. 

Interviews should be finishing up around April 10th, after which you should hear back from faculty with their decisions. You will confirm your acceptance in a lab with the Honors Liaison, Abigail Baukus. Following that, you’ll be given electronic permission to enroll in the course. When your enrollment window opens, you simply enroll as you would in any other class. 

Your research role will vary between professors, but generally, you’ll work as a lab member, participating in the day-to-day activities of scientific work at the University of Oklahoma. The amount of time you’ll spend is variable, but you should expect to commit approximately 9-12 hours per week distributed between reading, computer work and  in-lab hours.  Your grade will be based on an evaluation by your assigned professor, and the completion of a poster project or final report (supervising professor’s choice).

In most classes, laboratory research is reserved for graduate students or advanced undergraduate students working within their respective majors. Such a model often consists of minimal faculty-student contact and even less engagement with active research being done in the laboratory. The Honors Engineering Research Experience gets students into the lab in a way that exposes them to actual scientific work and activity. By preparing students as early as possible for a career in the sciences, this program will set them apart from their peers and provide an experience that will last a lifetime.

If you have any questions, please email Abby Baukus, the Gallogly College of Engineering Honors Liaison.

Caroline Bantug

Honors Engineering Liaison

Sarkeys S232

Office Hours:
Mondays from 1:30-3:30 pm

Phone: (860) 917-1443
Email Abby

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