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Spring 2021 Teaching Assistants

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Spring 2021 Teaching Assistants

Mohammad Abshirini

 Micro and Nano Materials Lab TA

Email Mohammad

 My current research is focused on multifunctional materials, nanocomposites, polymer foams, and piezoresistive sensors.



Javad Asadi

Internal Combustion Engines Lab TA

Email Javad

Currently, I am a Ph.D. student in the AME department, and my researches are focused on the development of flexible carbon capture technologies. 


Simon Dempsey

Flight Mechanics TA

Email Simon

After graduation, I hope to continue my education through an aerospace masters program focused on Space Applications and Technology. 


Aly Elhefny

Heat Trans/Fluid Mechanics Lab TA

Email Aly

My current research includes building grid interaction, refrigeration, air conditioning, and hardware in loop simulation.




Nick Gruber

Interactive Engineering Design Simulation TA

Email Nick

I’m a senior majoring in Aerospace Engineering from Tulsa, Oklahoma.



Blake Herren

Smart Materials and Intelligent Systems Laboratory TA

Email Blake

 My current research is focused on 3D printing, rapid curing, and multifunctional nanocomposites.



Emmanuel De Leon

Design Practicum TA

Email Emmanuel

I am a Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. student with a research focus on metal additive manufacturing.



Anirban Mondal

Design & Manufacturing Process and Micro & Nanomaterials Lab TA

Email Anirban

I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. in the area of solid mechanics.




Gnana Subramaniam

Robotics Laboratory TA

Email Gnana

I am passionate about science and science education.




Lateef Akorede

Heat Transfer/Fluid Mechanics Lab TA

Email Lateef

I am a renewable and sustainable energy enthusiast as such the move to mechanical engineering for my Ph.D. for interdisciplinary research engagement.


Chris Billings

Mechanical Capstone and Engines Lab TA

Email Chris

I am a Ph.D. student under Dr. Liu studying additive manufacturing.




Steven Dongfang

Interactive Engineering Design Simulation TA

Email Steven

I am currently doing some research on 3D printing and shape-memory materials. 



Samuel Faegre

Capstone TA

Email Samuel

My goal after college is to work in renewable energies or with an Aviation company making a positive impact in the world.




Emmanuel Hakizimana

Dynamics and Heat Transfer TA

Email Emmanuel

I am pursuing a PhD with Dr. Mrinal Saha on material development for selective laser sintering.



Philani Hlanze

Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics Lab TA

Email Philani

My research interest is thermal energy storage in air conditioning systems.



Parisa Marashizadeh

Design of Mechanical Component TA

Email Parisa

My research area is multiscale modeling focusing on Molecular Dynamics Simulation and Finite Element Analysis of hybrid composites and nanocomposites.


Milad Najafbeygi

Design and Manufacturing Process TA

Email Milad

Currently, I am working under the supervision of Dr. Siddique, and my research area is focused on Oil and Gas.



Fatema Tarannum

Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics TA

Email Fatema

Being a TA encourages me to develop myself academically and professionally along with performing my research work.


Roshan Sameer Annam

Heat Transfer/Fluid Mechanics Lab and Internal Combustion Engines Lab TA

Email Roshan

He's currently working towards characterizing thermal properties of semi-conductor and thermo-electric materials.


Noah Boeckman

Embedded Real-Time Systems TA

Email Noah

I'm interested in the combination of Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering.




David Dowdell

Robotics Lab TA

Email David

I have a Computer Science minor and work part-time as an intern at Northrop Grumman in OKC, doing even more programming.



Nathan Grandstaff

Interactive Engineering Design Simulation TA

Email Nathan

I have an interest in additive manufacturing and will be working on novel 3D printers both as a part of my undergraduate research and as part of my capstone project this semester.


Marwan Hashem

Dynamics TA

Email Marwan

Marwan has a Masters in Mechanical engineering.




Callen Koiner

Aerospace Structures TA

Email Callen

I currently act as the Aerodynamics Lead on the team overseeing the design, manufacture, final test, and installation of the complete aerodynamics package.


Paolo Mogollon

Heat transfer TA

Email Paolo

Paolo is a research assistant in multiphase heat transfer lab and a teacher assistant in Heat transfer.




Zachary Randall

Robotics' Lab TA

Email Zachary

After graduation, I will be an Astronautical Engineer for the Air Force.




Vincent Webster

Circuits and Sensors TA

Email Vincent

I am pursuing a degree in Aerospace Engineering.