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David Miller

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Professor David P. Miller

Ph.D., Computer Science - 1985
Yale University

B.A., Astronomy - 1981
Wesleyan University

Dr. Miller's research concentrates in two main areas: robotics technology (particularly exploration and assistive applications) and robotics as a mechanism for technology education.

His interests in robotics technology are in automated planning, robotics, and communications with automated systems. For several years, his research has concentrated on creating control architectures that produce planned goal-directed behavior out of collections of real-time reflexive routines, and then applying that work to real-world problems. He led a team of researchers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory to apply these techniques to planetary rovers which initiated a new class of low-cost planetary missions. The first of these missions was launched to Mars in December of 1996.

Dr. Miller is currently applying these techniques in the development of assistive robotics for the mobility impaired.

He is the co-founder and technical director of the KISS Institute For Practical Robotics, which promotes technology education through robotics at both the University and K-12 age levels. He is also the technical lead for the Botball program.

Robotics Design Practicum
Robotics Lab
Engineering Computing
Space Science and Astrodynamics

Robot Planning
Robot Mobility
Space Robotics

Co-Recipient of NASA Board Award for NTR no. 18731: Experimental Semiautonomous Vehicle. April, 2009.

Co-Recipient of Association of American Publishers, Inc, Professional & Scholarly Publishing Division Award for Excellence in Physical Sciences and Mathematics, for Springer Handbook of Robotics 2008.

NASA Group Achievement Award to the MARTE Team, May 2006.

Dave Lavery Technology Award, NASA, 2006 (for his work to promote education in robotic technology through Botball)

MITRE Best Paper Award (for "Design and Testing of a Low-Cost Robotic Wheelchair", in Autonomous Robots, volume 1, no. 3), 1995

Appointment to the College of Teachers, International Space University, Strasbourg, France, 1995

NASA Certificate of Recognition for "Robby" Mars-Rover Prototype Development, 1993

NASA Exceptional Service Medal, 1993

NASA Group Achievement Award to the Rocky IV Team, 1993

NASA Certificate of Recognition for "Tooth" and "Rocky" Micro-Rover Prototype Development, 1992

Most Innovative Design Award, American Association for Artificial Intelligence Robot Exhibition, 1992

Lew Allen Award for Excellence, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA, 1991

NASA Group Achievement Award to the Robotic Intelligence Team, 1991

American Association for Artificial Intelligence
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Sigma Gamma Tau, Aerospace Honor Society

Contact Information

(405) 325-1094
Felgar Hall 209 

Office Hours:
3:30 - 4:30 PM
12:00 - 2:00 PM