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Accelerated Materials Development Lab

AMDL: Processing, Properties, Characterization, Data analytics
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Accelerated Materials Development Lab

As director of the Accelerated Materials Development Lab (AMDL), I would like to welcome you to our research group website. I hope that your visit is informative whether you are simply browsing to learn more about AMDL or whether you are interested in joining our research group.

AMDL is part of the School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Oklahoma. It is a vibrant research group including undergraduate/graduate students engaged in projects related to additive manufacturing, materials characterization, and microstructure-property relationships. Our research primarily focuses on establishing methods for tuning structural materials by understanding the relationships between processing, microstructure, and properties. For this purpose, we use extensive coupling of four activities which are (1) 3D printing of materials by various additive manufacturing methods, (2) data analytics to shed light on the information which is laborious to capture, (3) advanced characterization using different electron microscopes, and (4) computation at different length scales to correlate the characterization and mechanical property results to their governing mechanisms. The overall output of AMDL research is expediting cost-efficient materials development following Materials Genome Initiative goals.

In closing, we again welcome you to the AMDL website.  Please take the time to check our website, should you have questions about AMDL or want to come for a visit, do not hesitate to contact me at as we value your input.