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Aerospace Engineering

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Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering

The Aerospace Engineering (AE) program is designed to provide a strong technical background for a wide variety of careers by emphasizing an appropriate mix of theory and applications of solid mechanics, aerodynamics, controls, propulsion, robotics, space science, design and integration. This prepares AME students for graduate studies or positions in industry. Aerospace Engineering graduates have traditionally entered into defense, aerospace, energy, manufacturing industries, government laboratories and agencies dealing with these problems, and a variety of academic positions. 

The Aerospace Engineering undergraduate program is designed to allow students to graduate after successfully completing 128 credit hours in a standard four-year plan. The program also ensures that students can successfully utilize and build upon engineering and scientific principles as they progress in their chosen areas. The Aerospace Engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET (

Graduating students are well-rounded in aerodynamics, aerospace structures, propulsion systems, and flight controls. This expertise is put to the test in a senior-year, two-semester capstone design course for AME, usually involving a national design competition.

Admission Requirements

NOTE: Admission to the AME program is REQUIRED prior to enrolling in any AME courses in engineering major. 

Engineering Checksheets

Enrollment into AME courses (for students entering college in Oklahoma prior to summer 2015) require students earn a 2.80 overall GPA and complete the requisite courses listed in the first and second year on the degree sheet in order to advance into upper-division AME coursework. 

Students entering college in Oklahoma summer 2015 or after are required to accrue at least 24 credits with an overall retention GPA of 3.0 -and- successfully complete MATH 1914 or 1823; MATH 2924 or 2423; PHYS 2514 and CHEM 1315 with a 3.0 overall retention GPA in these specific courses, with no grade less than C.

Click here to learn more about undergraduate admissions at the University of Oklahoma.

Curriculum Requirements


The Aerospace Engineering undergraduate program at the University of Oklahoma is part of the Academic Common Market. To learn more about the Academic Common Market, please click here.

Transfer Equivalency Tables

Curriculum Flowchart

Bachelor Of Science/Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering

The combined BS/MS 5-year program in Aerospace Engineering, often times referred to as the accelerated program, is offered for qualified undergraduate students to pursue graduate education in conjunction with the undergraduate degree program in each curriculum. The accelerated program requires 152 credit hours for the thesis option and 158 credit hours for the non-thesis option.

Admission Requirements

  • Must be an undergraduate OU student majoring in Aerospace Engineering
  • Must have OU retention and combined retention overall, curriculum, and major GPAs of 3.25 or higher

Curriculum Requirements


Students will receive the application form through email in the spring of their junior year. They should submit the application form to the student services coordinator in the AME office. Also at that time, the student should have identified an area of study and an adviser(s) for the graduate research project.

Questions regarding the BS/MS program should be directed to Dr. Yingtao Liu.