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"The exhibit is absolutely beautiful. Everybody is in love with it. It has certainly exceeded all of our expectations."
- Sherry Marshall, Director of Education, Science Museum Oklahoma

"This is an incredible opportunity for companies to tap into the resources of our College. We are offering them the chance to become involved with our students, get to know our campus and build a long-term presence here."
- W. Arthur Porter, Former Dean of the College of Engineering and Former OU Vice-President for Technology Development

"The Senior Design Practicum was a great experience. Its hands-on approach provided balance to a highly theoretical undergraduate program."
- Kristina Diamond, former student participant

“The entire student team did an excellent overall job in teamwork and delivering heat transfer correlations that have application to our engineering design efforts. The students, in spite of a very aggressive timeline, planned and executed a cohesive and determined effort to learn, cooperate, complete the project and deliver quality results.”
- Charles Obosu, York International

“Companies have an excellent chance to get to know students and see whether they would want to hire members of the group after graduation.”
- Sarah Fogelman, former student participant

“The students from OU AME are adequately prepared for commercial positions. Judging from the projects, they have been introduced to a great array of subjects, from MEMS to oilfield mechanical to thermal systems to electronic measuring/logging instruments. Their use of computers for design, analysis and presentation was demonstrated. Teamwork and communication to develop the concepts and solve the problem were demonstrated. The curriculum and projects have provided the tools that the students will need to succeed as engineers.
- Allen Ahlert, Poster Fair Judge, Hitachi Computer Products

“Last week the students traveled to Schlumberger and got excellent experimental results with their sensor approach. First day of testing reaped excellent experimental results. Those results provide pump efficiency, in particular. This is a first for Schlumberger. Schlumberger considers the students' results to be of great significance."
- Janet Savarimuthu, Schlumberger

“While working on the project, both sponsors and students are given the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art resources available to them at the University of Oklahoma.”
- David Baldwin, Faculty Advisor